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can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist in East Anglia , please?

I don't know if there are any in Norfolk (where I live) , so I am willing to try Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire, Herts etc. I believe there are some in Essex , but I don't know their names?I have not been diagnosed!

I have been ill for 16 years. (you are welcome to see my profile or, questions, sorry , I am not up to to typing more at the moment) my test results are apparently normal , but I have watched /listened to much information that suggests further investigations are needed. (Subclinical hypothyroidism,? possibly a conversion problem? or Hashimotos? or other (I have a poor immune systems as part of the symptoms).

I was diagnosed originally with M.E. but, as you probably know, the symptoms are very similar to thyroid problems.

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Email me




hello Louise, thank you for your e-mail. I see that there is a names doctor at Colchester General hospital. I think I will telephone the hospital and then see if I can be referred to him. a friend told me that when she found a consultant about her particular condition, she spoke to the consultant first , and this was very helpful tfor her.


Hi please could you also let me know of this doctor? I live in suffolk. Is he good with all thyroid issues? Thanks.


I am sorry to jump in onto your question but I am also looking for one so if you find one could you pass on any info; There seems to be a shortage of them in this area. Thanks


Are you looking for NHS or private endo?


NHS please! Sometimes they're same Dr. just get seen quicker!


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