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The saga continues!

So I've just been to get my T3 tested but low and behold my GP hadn't written it on the front form only the back! The phlebotomist said they probably wouldn't test it. She also said they HAVE to test whatever was written on the front form after I told her they declined testing on 31/1/14....I said to her no they don't, they take it upon themselves whether they test it or not! She was adamant that they HAVE to test it if it's been requested, I said well clearly not! She said she has thyroid problems and she knows what happens....great stuff just what I needed a row with a phlebotomist first thing in the morning!!!! I am now at the end of my tether and feeling sicker by the day but it's ok I don't mind them all playing God with my life! Grrrrrrr

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I don't know why people insist on what they know just because they think it. For your sake I hope they DO test it but if they don't it will be good info for her when you next see her!

I'm lucky - the phlebotomist is the best thing about my gp's surgery. Shame about the rest of them though. :-) xx


I have worked all my life and really do wonder what I am paying my national insurance for!


I had a ?? experience with my blood tests (GP/Labs)

My GP records (recorded as requesting blood tests and recorded test results ) didn't tally! What is evident was what was recorded as requesting wasn't done or have been deleted from my records?

The hospital labs didn't supply all of the test results (as were recorded in my records as "results") after asking "Data protection request" for copies of my lab tests from the Lab itself. My Son phoned the lab and asked why ? they had not fulfilled the request as it is law! The lady confirmed one query and the phone was handed over to a gentleman who asked " is this to do with a complaint"

Also a Psychiatrist did blood tests (at this same lab) and when I asked psychiatrist for my results he denied doing them!! and said he had only done thyroid. Considering I thankfully had just joined Thyroid UK and knew a little, I knew different. I was too intimidated to challenge him so when I got my lab records this Psychiatrists FBC record was also missing. My son has been brilliant and challenged this "Lab Proffessional" who then released my "so called not done blood test results" I knew they had been done because this same Psychiatrist had given me my (Red Blood Cell result) What still worries me is that I was physically ill and exhausted aswell as struggling emotionally, but he always failed to note this in my assessment notes???? and on my Lab results it said that the reason for the tests was for "EXHAUSTION"

"Collaborated approach to healthcare" is NOT always in the best interests of the patient!



photocopy all future lab requests before you hand it over to lab so you can challenge them in future!

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