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Some results of blood tests

Went to get my results yesterday, there are three pages! The ones he pointed out to me are;

MCV in fbc - Ref range 82-97 - my results 103.2

FT3 Ref range Ref Range 2.4 50 7.5 MY result 3.0

FT4 Ref Range 9.0 - 24.0 MY result 18.0

TSh Ref Range .015-3.5 my range 2.197

VItamin B12 Ref Range 138-710 my range 160

He said that my FT3 and TSH were "Not right"

Has put me on course of B12 jabs for a month and doubled my dose of thyroxin to from 0.05 to 0.10

When he asked why I wanted a copy of my results he said "If you play with Google Doctor you will get depressed" Wonder why he thinks that?

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B12 injections for a month? That doesn't sound like he's following the guidelines - did you have a look at them on the link I gave you before? You should have the loading dose which is 6 injections over 2 weeks, followed by 3 monthly maintenance for life. If neuro symptoms, injections every other day until no further improvement, then 2 monthly maintenance. You must insist on treatment as per the BNF, they all have a copy on their desk.

By the way your B12 range is CRAZY low, it worries me that this seems to be reducing down so much. The bottom of the range in my area is 190 ish.

You have clear macrocytosis (MCV 103.2) so don't let him say you're only a little bit deficient because your serum B12 result is "in range". You must also get them to test you for the antibodies BEFORE you start the injections - anti-intrinsic factor / anti-parietal cells. If you have the injection first it will interfere with the IFAb result. Did you have a folate result? That's probably low too.

H x

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Oh and your thyroid results indicate a conversion issue, which could easily be partly or wholly caused by your B12 deficiency.


He said something about conversion when he told me my thyroid results . I get a bit foggy minded and nervous when I go to Doctors about this as I am always waiting for the dreaded depression word to come up


So very sorry hampster1, have just re read my post and I put it entirely wrong! I am to have b12 injections per month for an indefinite amount of time. I had my first one this morning . He said he was going to test my folate but dont see it on the sheet- would that be included in my platelets result. If so, I am 293 and the Ref range is 140-440


No, the folate test is called serum folate, it's normally done at the same time as B12 as they both cause macrocytosis if deficient. You must get this tested as you may need 5mg folic acid on prescription, ferritin also vital to get tested.

And you must ask for the loading dose of 6 injections over 2 weeks,before you go to monthly. One injection is going to be like a drop in the ocean, they are meant to do loading.


...very flattering Your GP should call all of us here Google docs :-) :-) Very important to follow the advice of Hampster1 .... If you have read the Signs and Symptoms of B12 deficiency you will know that it is a very serious condition and yes it will affect so much in your body including the T4 to T3 conversion - did you read the link ?


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