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Fish Oil Cited in Dramatic Healing After Severe Brain Trauma

This is an informative excerpt from Dr Mercola:-

Animal-based omega-3 fat, such as krill oil, is essential for optimal health, and particularly critical for brain health. It even offers hope for healing and restoring brain function after a traumatic brain injury

Low concentrations of EPA and DHA have been shown to result in an increased risk of death from all causes and accelerate cognitive decline

Recent research suggests that fish oil can help slow down age-related brain atrophy

Older women with the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids had better preservation of their brain as they aged than those with the lowest levels, which might mean they would maintain better brain function for an extra year or two

Previous research has also confirmed the beneficial effect of omega-3 fat on brain function in youngsters, concluding that DHA intake is a robust modulator of functional cortical activity

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Hi When I first saw my Endo, many years ago, she said how essential it was, Also especially important for any one with thyroid disease. Also the best vit and mineral tablet, the emphasis being ion the minerals.

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Would this be just normal Cod liver oil?


This link says because Cod liver oil contains Vitamin D, you should only take it in winter months and other fish oils the rest of the year.


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