Has anyone tried green-lipped mussels for joint pain?

This article recommends taking tablets to utilise the benefits of eating green-lipped mussels: multivitaminguide.org/blog/...

Other benefits apparently include:

1. Cardiovascular system – Regular intake of the green-lipped mussels may reduce your likelihood of having a heart attack. This may be a consequence of strengthened arterial walls and improved blood flow.

2. Skin and hair – If you want to have beautiful skin and hair you must feed them from within. The beneficial effects of green-lipped mussel supplements is multiplied when taken with omega-3/DHA fish oil.

3. Immune system – There is evidence that consuming green-lipped mussels accelerates the formation of antibodies and improves wound healing.

4. Other benefits that have been observed include strengthening of bones and teeth, improved male and female fertility and increased stimulation of body tissues as a result of improved nervous transmission.

Does anyone have any first hand experience?

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  • My sister in law used to absolutely swear by the stuff. She had a TT thirty years ago and now has rheumatoid arthritis.

    She was so full of how good I would feel if I took them that I got some to try but couldn't bear the smell - must say the cat showed a lot of interest.

    In the end I gave them to my mother who took regular fish oil and didn't seem to mind the smell, basically I think people who take them are happy with the results so it would be worth giving them a try.

  • Thank you for the feedback. I admit to loving all seafood so might not mind the smell - but whether it translates well from a fresh tasty mussel to the dessicated state in the tablet ........ As it seems to have cardio benefits I was hoping it could be a win:win for my partner post-heart attack as well as for thyroid.

  • Try your partner with some CoQ10, recommended dosage is between 1200 mg - 3600 mg daily, needed for good cardio function. Not sure able the green lipped mussel, gives me the trots :/ But I do take Glucosamine for joints and flaxseed for hair and skin. Not what you wanted to know sorry lol

  • Hi Silver, I have just replied to you but mistakenly didn't do it from your post, so you won't have been notified of my reply.

  • Thank you Silver, much appreciated. I have just spoken to him and said we'll both take it. I will also get some glucosamine and flaxseed too for my painful joints and dire hair condition ;-)

    Thanks also for feedback on the mussels :-(

  • You may be ok with the green lipped mussel though, just dont buy too large a tub of tablets!

  • :-)

  • LOL - good advice after my experience with them :-)

  • Lol. Perhaps your cat could have benefited from them, sounds like they stirred his interest :-)

  • At least he didn't grab them like the Labrador dog mentioned in this morning's questions.

  • Yes, thankfully not. I bought my cats marmite-like toothpaste and they weren't remotely interested in that either. :-)

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