Hi, I have my hospital appointment on Thursday, but not with endo, with Diabetes Dr. I'm writing down all that I want to ask him, as I

forget once I'm in the chair. What i would like advice on, is MCV and MCH. My last blood results showed MCV 95.9 fL ( 80-100 )

MCH 31.3pg ( 27.0 - 32.0 )

Is this good or bad? From my earlier posts i know that my ferritIn is low 54 ug/L (12-250) and my folate wasn't tested. Learning a lot from this site. Thanks to all the lovely people on here, x

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  • High end of the range MCV and MCH can be due to B12 and/or folate deficiency. You need to get these tested. More info here:


  • Thankyou hampster 1, So fed up with being told I am " in range " when I don't feel right.

  • Appy definatly get them to test your folate levels. I kept having blood tests coming back saying I had high MCH when I asked the doctor if this was a problem I was told not to worry about it. 2 years later it was still there and I was still feeling awful. My tsh levels were all ideal and both my doctor and endo were saying there was nothing else wrong. I eventually pushed my doctor into looking into my blood tests a bit more thoroughly and suprise suprise my folate levels were on the floor! I am now on daily dose of folic acid and it has definatly helped. Its still a hard slog to feel normal again but its one step forward x

  • Thankyou, Scottishkitty, Folate is def on my list of what needs to be tested. I wish I'd asked for copies of my blood tests before. I just had trust in doctors.Which is why this last 2 or so years I've had 2 x ecgs. ct scan, heart tests, tablets for nausea and dizziness, hot flushes, anti-depression pills. Not forgetting tinnitus.Like you, I was told that as TSH levels were in range, I was ok.x

  • Ranges are for the fit and healthy it seems - when we are poorly we need them towards the TOP ! It's not part of the Medical Training as far as I know....do hope you feel better soon...

    Hope all goes well with the Diabetes Doc. It seems that is what many Endos specialise in these days....all part of the Endocrine system and hopefully he has read this site to learn more about thyroid :-)

  • Thankyou Marz. Will let you know how it goes. Forgot to say, that when I went to doctor , when all the tests for heart etc. came back clear. was sent to asthma nurse, so now have inhalers. Not sure if I have asthma or not. We shall see !!x

  • Breathing difficulties are connected with thyroid issues - also the thyroid controls fluid levels in the body and sometimes asthma can be caused by low moisture levels in the lungs. Not sure Docs will know of this little nugget picked up under the hedgerows of life.... :-) Can't remember where I read it :-)

  • Thats interesting.I learn something new every day on this site!.I find I walk a lot slower now.Used to speed along. But it's always worse when I'm carrying anything, even if its just a few items, nothing heavy. Arms just seem to turn to jelly.I just don't think thats asthma related. :-)

  • No - that is definitely thyroid related in my experience. Can understand Docs thinking it is the asthma as the blood flow would be restricted if you cannot take a deep breath. In fact I would go as far as to say it's Low T3.... My house in Crete is up 17 steps so I know the feeling of jelly legs in my case. OK now and I have improved since being T3 only.... Was reading a piece last night about breathing correctly and how it should be done every day for good health. I teach yoga and have three classes a week - so know it works. If you need help then please ask.....

    My Mum sadly died undiagnosed - but had problems breathing and was given an inhaler along with the angina pills she didn't need. Walking in the night air or up inclines was an issue for her. How I wish I had the knowledge I now have at that time....

    Love the pic of the dog ! We have one that visits us most days that looks similar and we call her Daisy !

  • Ah, memories.Went to Crete about 10 or so years ago. Our

    apartment was 100 steps up from the sea front. ( We counted them) Do love Greece !

    Have got yoga books, dvds and have been researching nearby classes. Will try and send complete picture of dog.

    Thanks for all your info.Hopefully get taken seriously tomorrow .

  • Hi Diabetes is endo. At a large hospital , they are all specialists Endos, not general ones, which is better if more than one autoimmune , hormonal disease, ie diabetes and thyroid.Lots of other too. I see my Endo for lots of things, a general one

    Best wishes,


  • Thankyou Jackie x

  • First Endo I saw was a Diabetes professor at my local hospital. Lovely chap. Very knowledgeable regarding diabetes. Knew hardly anything about thyroid. Told me on first appointment he would only see 2 patients a year with my blood test results. My TSH was raised. T4 and T3 were in range. Had a bit of an "oh oh" moment but thought really nice be okay. He did tests that I don't think I would have had carried out with current Endos. He tested adrenals. He did a pituitary MRI scan. He did blood tests that were sent all over the country to different labs. After 18 months I thought this is not working I asked GP to refer me to large university hospital. They are endocrinologists that do specialise in diabetes but are knowledgebe about thyroid and other issues.

    Ask him outright is he experienced in thyroid matters. You can gauge if they know what they are talking about. If he says things like "you have lost me" I would be looking to change.

  • Thankyou Chickens 12, Hope I am brave enough to stand up for myself, and

    get the results I want. Appointment is at 4-30, perhaps he'll be to tired to argue with me !! x

  • I'm sure you will be. & if he's tired at 4.30 you'd best ask him if he's had his thyroid checked! :-D

  • Thankyou HarryE, If he looks tired, I'll probably remember what you said and start laughing . Love it !!

  • It would probably be best to ask him if your symptoms are common to a lot of thyroid patients that he treats. They tend to go on the defensive if you question their capabilities so I would not be so direct on a first appointment.

    As my husband is always telling me they are providing a service for you it's not the other way round. A lot of them do forget this. Fingers crossed he is kind, knowledgeable and sympathetic.

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