Ultrasound report

I know this is nothing to worry about as it did not show masses or lesions, but I would just like my mind put at rest regarding some of the terminology in the ultrasound report done 2 years ago:

* "Mildly enlarged thyroid"

* "Thyroid is mildly vascular"

* "Right level 2 and 3 and left level 5 lymphadenopathy."

All sounds very technical.

So when the report says thyroid is "mildly enlarged" surely that translates into "goitre"?

Anyone help me out with this?

Please see my post about all blood test results, symptoms and medications if you wish to look at this too.


Jo xxx

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  • Hi Simple explanation, is what you would expect. Nothing to worry about.Mildly enlarged, is not really a goitre. if you want individual info on this. Google each bit, but really fine, you do not even have nodules!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie, thanks for your answer. :) xxx

  • Hi

    A goitre is simply an enlarged thyroid, so 'technically' you have a goitre. But there will be variations in thyroid sizes and weights that could mean that your thyroid is still within 'normal' range.

    Having a goitre isn't really anything to worry about, in that it doesn't necessarily relate to anything other than an enlarged thyroid. I have a considerably sized goitre with many nodules - 18 years with it now as i don't really trust the outocme if i have it treated - but the main/big nodules have been tested and they are fine.

    I know that you have hashimoto's, and an enlarged thyroid (goitre) is common/normal. You don't have any nodules - which, again, is 'normal' for hashis. Although hashis patients can have nodules as well it isn't common.

    The comment on vascularisation relates to the fact that there is an increased blood supply to your thyroid (again, compared to 'normal'). This is common in many thyroid conditions.

    Take care.


  • Hi L!!! Thanks for your reply.

    Well, the front of my neck swelled up quite a bit before the ultrasound scan was taken but by the time I attended the scan and had it done the swelling at my neck was very much reduced. I wonder as to why that could be.

    Can a goitre appear and reappear?


    Jo xxx

  • Thyroiditis (any kind) is inflammation of the thyroid and this can cause swelling. So during active phases of your hashimoto's your thyroid could swell and then reduce. I think (don't know for sure) that ultimately with hashimoto's your thyroid ends up quite small (but can take years). I think that this is caused by the destruction of the thyroid cells by your own immune system.

    So, yes it is possible for swelling to come and go. I have a multinodular goitre and while it is always very obvious I often feel a difference in the size and my husband can see a difference in it.


  • Thanks ever so much for your explanation. My neck has not exactly swollen up to the size it was 2 years ago but one of the sides of the thyroid can feel quite uneven at times.

    My boyfriend definitely noticed the swelling when he first saw it - I even went as far as to cover it with scarves and polo necks.

    During that time I would grew uncomfortable around strangers when in the street because if they could see how pale I was and then notice the swelling they would give me funny looks. :(

    I think my thyroid has reduced in size (although I can't tell sometimes) but a scan would show this. I did push for this or try and get this from the GP but have now given up. :(

    Jo xxx

  • Hi, what did your GP say during your phone consultation? Did you discuss the ultrasound with him?

  • Hi Jow11!! Thanks for your reply.

    * GP has said the ultrasound should be in the hands of the Endo.

    * Endo will not repeat ultrasound as there were no nodules or abnormality. I thought if the thyroid was enlarged that does make it an abnormality.

    Jo xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear that they both refused the ultrasound but unfortunately it doesn't surprise me. I think many of us have been let down by the NHS and had to go private which is very difficult especially as many of us don't work because of our illness.

  • I don't think that a scan would alter the treatment(!) that you get for your thyroid, so I guess that it is unlikely that the will be keen for you to have another one at this point. Probably considering the cost...

    I don't think that I bother about my goitre too much, but I find myself covering it with my hand fairly often (I only notice that I do this because someone pointed it out to me and I have been aware of it since). To be honest, I don't think that most people notice or bother if they do notice. I think that we are more aware of the swelling and tend to put our feelings on to others.

    Take care.


  • Hi thanks for your reply.

    You were right, Endo will not ultrasound as the first one did not show nodules or abnormalities. But I thought an enlargement would count as an abnormaility!

    Jo xxx

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