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Ultrasound result

Hi my recent ultrasound result says that thyroid gland is not enlarged. There is associated no retrosternal extension.there is normal vascularity to both lobes of the thyroid.there are numerous nodules of both lobes . They demonstrate no irregular outline nor internal foci of punctuate micro calcification. There is no significant cervical adenopathy.

Further assessment nuclear medicine thyroid scan is recommended

I'm so worried. My doc thinks it's not necessary to do a nuclear medicine thyroid scan. I'm phobic about taking something as radio active into my system. Does this mean I have cancer ???

Pls advice ..m concerned

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I am sorry you are so worried and concerned. If your doctor thinks it isn't necessary you can go along with his advice.

I suspect that the hospital just want to make sure that your gland is perfect as believe they could have detected cancer with the ultrasound. You are very concerned due to this comment:-

Further assessment nuclear medicine thyroid scan is recommended

Other members who have had similar to you will respond also. I myself had an ultrasound but no RAI. This is a link I've just read:



Thanks for your advice but does this mean I have cancer


Not at all and having that thought would have frightened you.

We have quite a few members who have had thyroid cancer and they will respond if they read your post. I believe their thyroid gland is removed altogether.



If there was a suspicion of cancer in the one of the nodules the test you would have been given is a fine needle aspiration biopsy.

A nuclear medicine thyroid scan tests thyroid function. It is not a cancer test. The amount of radioactivity in the tracer is minute and won't be damaging.

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Thanks a lot

I was watching a lot of videos by doctors n was found that I should go for a nuclear medicine test only if thd nodules were 4 cm or more . Mine are less than 5 mm.

But would surely do that test



My understanding is that nuclear medicine tests are usually done to determine why a patient is hyperthyroid.

Nodules <1cm are rarely malignant and are too small to fine needle aspiration biopsy. In the UK nodules >1cm with suspicious features may be biopsied and it is normal practice to biopsy nodules >2cm.


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