L arginine, l tyrosine, alpha liphoic acid, co enzyme Q10

Just thought I would share this. My history is hyper, then on Carb, hypo after a few weeks on low dose. Hyper again etc for 3 years. Now have bad hyper symptoms ye labs in range TSH 2.0 T4 10. No hypo symptoms except slight weight gain. I have brutal arrhythmias, almost constant, my blood pressure has been 230/116 or therebouts for last few weeks. Blood pressure medication has had extreme effects, anaphylaxis and extreme low pressure. Started co q10 on Monday, the other 3 last night!!!!!! My arrhythmia was gone this morning, heart rate down to 72 from 110. My blood pressure this morning was 117/60 highest it has been all day is 140/85 and mostly much lower. Shaking has stopped!!!!! My dry sore eyes feel nearly normal. I am tired and want to sleep ( for a change ) but feel calm and really quite well. Can't see how this is possible ??? But I am not complaining.I have peridoxase antibodies (230) and a few small nodules,seemingly " of no importance" No Graves antibodies but one endo said of my nuclear scan " it was fairly normal, just what you would expect with a history of graves" The other one said " you don't have graves JUST a recurring thyroiditis " Saw a cardio guy, he was great, had all tests, heart fine, he said serious arrhythmia caused by external factors. Told Endos to sort it before I became a cardiac disaster. Needless to say ......!

I saw an article by an Italian Endo, bought this stuff and I feel amazing. I can't see how it's coincidence - this has been going on more than 3 years. My arrhythmia and blood pressure have just resolved, will let you know how I am in a week. Fingers crossed. Not taking any meds.

I know my bloods are not hyper just now but my symptoms never change.They are always typical hyper unless I have carb induced hypo. It always resolves in 3/4 days off carb.

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Wow, you are having a hard time aren't you! Palpitations and arrhythmia are just horrible. I hated that feeling.

I'm off to Google and find out all about what you are taking, your improvement surely can't be a coincidence. I have been taking CoQ10 for ages as well as vitamin C my pharmacist said to take it because of the Carbimazole. x

Wow! Pity you didn't start the last 3 separately then you could say which sorted your arrhythmia and BP. On the other hand it might have been the combination of all three. Hope they keep working for you.

Well the arginine seemingly likes alpha liphoic to work best so was always going to take them together. Was just looking for more info on it when I came across the l carnitine study by the Italian endo. Its a properly documented study and it works. So just bought all three!!! My arrhythmia is gone and my blood pressure virtually normal, just the occasional, not very major spike. I can't believe it, I even borrowed another machine in case mine had broke lol. Good news is these supplements can help hypo as well it seems. I am going to post after a week on all, hopefully it will still be good news. In his study it was pretty infallible. It was properly done with 3 groups, placebo etc.

Do you have a link to the article? Sounds interesting...

Will try, I have it bookmarked but technology not my thing. My son can probably do it though.

The endo is dr Benvenga. Article is in life extension magazine, title carnitine and thyroid disease. The l arginine I just googled cause someone told me it could be used instead of beta blockers. It has been medically proven to prevent excess T3 T4 getting into the organs - much in the same way as propanalol without the side effects.

Wow thank you for posting this, I have graves and for the last 18 months my resting heart rate has been over 100 bpm, cardiologists have done extensive investigations and said heart is fine, just very quick & they can't do anything about it apart from giving me beta blockers. I will definitely be trying CoQ10 now!

Can you tell us the dosage you are using of all these pills, please?

Hi, that's fantastic, have been diagnosed with Graves but take carb according to monthly blood tests, was on 40mg daily now down to 2.5mg and sometimes less if have slight hypo feeling (for me it's hand tingling so stop for day or so and then take again.) Would like to know in what quantities and strength you take supplements? thanks x

I have just had a quick google of the above and L arginine and l tyrosine are not recommended if you are hyper.

L carnitine is supposed to help but didnt do anything for me @ 3gr daily for two months didnt appear to make any difference.

And alpha liphoic acid is also meant to help.

Apparently there is a greater need for Co enzyme Q10 in Graves disease.

Please do your research before trying supplements, especially with dosage.

I would be interested to know how much you took of each, also what effects you have if you were to drop the first two supplements, maybe one at a time? Might save you money too ;)

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