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No luck with private bloods tests

Im still struggling to get my bloods taken for a test called Naglase.

I can get them done through a lab but its in London which is nearly 200 miles away.

Has anyone managed to get bloods taken that needed to be frozen before sending to labs

The closer to the North West the better.

Also im interested to hear from anyone who has had the naglase test..


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Have you asked the nurse at your local surgery to take the blood for you? Ours did it for free - it's about the only thing they've done for us. We couldn't believe our luck.

Or maybe here?

Jane x


No Jane i havent yet.....the lab told me the blood needed freezing first..would my gp do that for me..i dont know.

Regenerous are looking into the test for me but still i would have to go to London.

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I imagine they mean for you to freeze the sample yourself to prevent it from degrading before you send it off. Jane x


Hi Have your tired Blue Horizon, it is by post, very simple. I would suggest if they do it it is not reliable. Well known Lab do more tests and some better ones than NHS, well known to docs. To take blood with them , there is a finger prick, really a phial but DIY. or i take my test tube to the gP and they do it with other bloods. A bit cheaper if that way.If use Blue \horizon, quote TUK for a discount

Best wishes,



Spire hospitals do them plus if you get your order in today discount!


Nagalase levels in blood is difficult outside of London due to the frozen sample requirement, but also arranging post/courier to Holland where the private lab is that does the Nagalase blood analysis. We can do it, but theough a lab in London that has courier arrangements all in place. All you have to do is turn up Monday to Wednesday. If anything else turns up outside of London for Nagalase I'll repost


Thanks for that


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