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Any experiences of Dr Jean Haining?


I live in Glasgow and have been looking at the list of docs from the TUK list. As most of them involve a lot of travelling, I am trying to be certain that I am making the right choice with whom I go to see.

I have been hypothyroid since 2009 after RAI and have never felt very great on Levothyroxine.

If anyone has experience with Dr Jean Haining in Hove could you please PM me? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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I know a brilliant Endo in Durham if you are still looking. Message me for details.


Hello. I live near Durham and would love details of your ENDO. Please could you pm me?




I'm new to posting but would like to know of any replies to the question about experience of Dr Haining in Hove


Hello, I would also be grateful to know experiences with Dr Haining for the same reasons. Please PM me, thank you.


Hi I would also like to know personal experiences with Dr Haining too! Please PM me!


Welcome to the forum, Loopylooly. You may not get a response as this an old post and probably won't be seen by most members. Click on the orange Write a post button top right hand of page and post a new question. Please ask for feedback via private messages.


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