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Professor Collier, Ayr hospital or Dr Vincent Macaulay, Crosshouse hospital?

Would be very grateful if anyone who has seen Professor Collier or Dr Macaulay would let me know how they got on with them.

I have been waiting 9 months to see Dr Macaulay (who, from the Thyroid UK list, seems to prescribe T3) but have now been given an appointment with Prof. Collier instead. I used to see a brilliant endo (Dr Malik, now in Dundee) who was happy for me to adjust my medication (T3 and T4) according to how I feel, so am worried that I'll end up under a doc who doesn't approve of this.

I have pm'd kirsty1946 and sakelly as they've had posts which said they were going to see this Prof. Collier, but have had no reply. Am in a bit of a rush as the appointment is next week. It's in the evening as they've put on extra clinics to get through the waiting list, but this is not much help if I end up seeing someone who disapproves of T3.

Do discussions about doctors have to happen in Private Messages?

Thanks, everybody.


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Tech help, please - I thought that putting @ in front of folks' names meant they'd be highlighted and get an alert saying they'd been tagged. what did I do wrong?


morebeans You have to look underneath the message box you're writing in and members' names will come up. Choose the member you want and click on the name, it will highlight blue within that list then turn the name you've typed blue. You should be able to edit your post and correct that to tag the members you want.

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Thank you SeasideSusie - had to look up how to edit, but that's it done! :)


So sorry I have just seen this and got ur pm earlier and responded. Not sure why I never got more notification. I'm really sorry hope you now have my reply! Xx


Morebeans, I've just come across your post while I was searching for good Endo's in Ayrshire. I see Prof Collier, or did before stopping my meds. He is a good man, highly respected in his field, but a very, very busy one.


Just realised you will have already been to see the Prof. Do let us know how you got on?


pm'd you


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