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Hi, I am diagnosed and being treated by the nhs for sleep apnea and Mitral stenosis. My meds are Nebivolol, adcal d3, simvastatin and apixaban. I am also exhibiting most of the symptoms of hashimotos. My symptoms and metabolism vary from hypo to hyperthyroid and back over a 6 week period.

Although none of my gps would risk it on the grounds that i might either go hypo or go into atrial fibrillation my cardiologist has had no problems with starting me on a low dose of levothyroxine which has somewhat increased the basal temperatures. Of course the myriad blood tests that I have had have always come back as within the goal posts

The TSH level which is all they will test is variable ranging from 0.3 to 3.94 dependent on where i am in my up and down cycle. Is it safe to switch myself to natural thyroid extract instead of the levo and has anyone purchased same from Nutrimeds or Iherb, what adrenal supplements should i take.

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I am sure it would be o.k. to switch to Armour which is a dessicated thyroid hormone and more synergistic to our bodies but it is rare for the NHS to prescribe other than levothyroxine. I don't know about natural thyroid extract.


Do you mean NutriThyroid, NutriAdrenal (NAX) or similar 'glandular' supplements?

My understanding is they are not an alternative to Levo but a supplement, since they don't contain active thyroid hormone - I did a brief trial a while back (of NT after my Partial Thyroidectomy) but really I needed actual hormone for them to supplement, so I didn't really feel any benefit.

Disclaimer - you should check with your doctor first if any supplements are contra-indicated with any condition or medicine you are already taking. J :D


Hi spareribs, I think Clarebear tried NutriThyroid or such in the beginning and blood tests seemed to indicate that they did have hormones - I might have got that totally wrong! Might be best to ask her. But maybe everyone reacts to them differently. Not sure, sorry if I have got that all completely wrong xx


I switched from Levo to Armour two yrs ago and they are definitely not interchangeable nor is Armour for everyone. You really need to check with your physician, Levo is T4 only. Armour is from desiccated pig thyroid and contains both T3 and T4. Given your other conditions, best to check with your doc.


I can't help thinking that the first two conditions you mention are linked to the thyroid and its malfunctioning.... If you think you have Hashimotos - then it would be best to have your anti-bodies tested - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg.

Sorry not able to comment on the Levo v Armour.


You certainly should not be taking any form of statins as they are contra - indicated fot thyroid patients!!


Hi First of all , never take a Beta Blocker before a thyroid test, that morning. I would use Blue Horizon, main site on line, finger prick easy. Quote TUK 1o fro a discount. All DIY. Then, well known lab to show any doc.TSH, T4 and FT3 essential.

The only drugs known to alter the thyroid is Amioderone, but the Beta blocker definitely gives a false blood result



Thanks to all who replied to my post, I am like a lot of other people in that I am bashing my head against a brick wall with the medical fraternity. I ask for a certain test, eg antibodies and they say yes but they do not do it.

Therefore after i see my Cardiologist next week i intend to supplement my adrenals and thyroid as an alternative to being fed a different pill for each complaint and or symptom. Thanks everyone


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