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Nature-Thyroid Amounts to take

Purchased Nature-Thyroid for my daughter need some help on conversion.

Purchased ¼ Grain (16.25 mg) tablets

She was taking 80 mg of Liothyronine (T3)

Approx how many Nature-Thyroid ¼ Grain (16.25 mg) tablets would she take so it was similar to 80 mg of Liothyronine (T3)?

I know the other bits such as starting on it slowly & taking it throughout the day but need to have some idea what we should be working towards. Daughter was born without a thyroid gland, she is now 25 years old.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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1 grain is roughly equivalent to 20mcg T3 so I would say that she needs to take about 4 grains but I would reduce 10mcg T3 at the time and increase 1/2 grain gradually.



This is a link, i.e. either from T3 to NDT or vice versa. There isn't a need to take dose several times daily. I have taken mine one dose and don't need to bother carrying tablets about or having to not eat two hours before or after. Usually, if you have already been on levo dose it's just a straight swop over.

This is some more info and go to questions dated November 21, 2003 and November 27, 2004

Naturethroid has always been consistent in its contents and has never been recalled in 75 years.

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Thankyou so much, it would be brilliant if she could take it once a day; she has been a constant worry since she was prescribed T3 only, if I'm not there to nag nag nag her she forgets, went away on holiday for two weeks & we had to fly home early as she ended up in hospital as she thought I'll take the 80 mg of T3 in one go!! She was OK & hopefully she learnt a lesson. Will update you all on her progress. Once a day would mean hubby & I could have a life again as 25 years of fighting for a treatment that actually works wears you down & certainly puts a big hole in your life savings :-)


I am hopeful it will be easier and your daughter is now old enough to alleviate you and your hubby's worry but if you've never had a thyroid gland in the first place you really aren't aware of the consequences. P.S. if you reply to a particular comment, you have to press the yellow Reply to this button and the person is alerted, in case you need another comment. You will see that this is indented so you should have an email.

Look forward to an update and wish your daughter well with the new meds.


One grain of nature throid contains, (more or less the same as other brands) 7 mcg of t3 and 35 of t4. 1 grain is reckoned to be equivalent to about 75 to 100 mcg of t4.

If your daughter is taking 80 mcg of t3, then that would be the equivalent of 320 mcg of t4... So abracadabra.......... The answer is ........ Just over 3 grains, maybe 4. I was taking 4 grains a day. But have just dropped back to 3 grains because the free t3 was running high and I had a few palpitations.....

T he quarter grain tablets were a bit of a cautious buy..... Why so small? The most economical way to buy is to get the larger ones and split them. I take half my dose at night and half in the morning.

There is a really interesting article which describes how and why dessicated thyroid is not actually just the same as synthetic meds...... Have a read here.......

Xx. G


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