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Going to see Dr Peatfield!!!!


So I've got an appt to see Dr Peatfield.

Decided I need to know what is going on with me, i had a lovely long chat with one of his ladies in the office and I've booked for a couple of weeks!!!

Can anyone advise me, she mentioned the temperature taking can I use an electronic one or do I need the old fashioned glass type?

I have to say I got an appt a lot quicker than I thought, I was expecting to wait months, so pleased!!

I finally feel that I might be able to see someone who isn't going to say your thyroid is fine, it's your age, you just need to diet/exercise more!

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Mercury ones are the best..but hard to come by....you can use an electronic one...I do but I would get 2 and when you take temperature do it on both and compare it to the just to check on accuracy ....I have a phone consultation with P on Friday ..I'm in North of England it's a bit far to travel and a very costly venture!

Munchlet in reply to Lozzer66

Thank you Lozzer66, good luck for Friday is it the first time you've spoken to Dr P?

Lozzer66 in reply to Munchlet

Hi well it was a strange one really....I read his book and google him and I thought he may still do a clinic up north so I rang the Crawley clinic and by pure chance he answered the phone...obviously he couldn't spare me much time as it wasn't an appointment but he briefly told me to start the adrenavive ll and if no better get back to him!that was a couple of months ago and I'm still struggling. .I don't think it's working so I don't know how I did it but I managed to somehow get a phone consultation to speak to him without going to see him first!. (which is standard practice! )..Just hope when he rings he doesn't ask me to come down and see him lol!..I just need a bit of advice really ...!good luck to you too ..hope he puts you on road to recovery. .it's so damn hard !!

Munchlet in reply to Lozzer66

It is, I had a lovely chat with his lady in the office, I said I can't get properly medicated as I'm one of those whose TSH doesn't quite reach the upper level so stuck on 25mg of Levo but also said I'm not sure if it's Thyroid, Food Intolerances, Insulin resistance etc etc. She said from what I told her she thinks it sounds like low thyroid but obviously Dr P would be able to advise and would look for the obvious signs! I was quite surprised as I thought I'd have to wait months but managed to get an appt for a couple of weeks. Please let me know who it goes for you.

Lozzer66 in reply to Munchlet

Will do and good luck yourself.!


The old fashioned glass and mercury thermometers were withdrawn years ago.

Munchlet in reply to Clutter

Ha ha won't be getting one of those then, shows how much I know! ;)

wellness1 in reply to Munchlet

Non-mercury Geratherm thermometers (that are meant to be high-accuracy) are available on amazon.co.uk.

Londinium in reply to wellness1

Hi Wellness,

I think this is the whole range. Any idea which one's accurate/good?


Thanks. 🖖🏻

wellness1 in reply to Londinium

You'd want the Classic or the Classic XL, Londinium. The idea is that you get the accuracy of a mercury in glass thermometer without the toxicity of mercury.

Hi Munchlet,

Will you let us know how your appointment goes? I've been looking at his info and feeling tempted as he's only just over an hour from me, and I'm pretty sure a lot of my problems stem from my adrenals. Just waiting to talk to my GP and get latest test results back next week before I try and get an appointment with him.

Munchlet in reply to FeelBlah

I certainly will update once I've seen him. If the ladies in his office are anything to go by then I expect he's lovely as the one I spoke to was so nice.

He's a lovely man and saved me from more suffering. Hopefully he'll do this for you too. I remember his great sense of humour, particularly when he asked me if my husband was an idiot!

Munchlet in reply to penny

Thank you I hope so too. I just want to find out what is going on with me. I'm fed up with being told, it's your age, there's nothing wrong with you, you need to lose weight and you'll feel better! Sounds like Dr P is a lovely man, I've heard and read so much about him I can't wait to meet him.


Hi! How did you get on when you went to your consultation? Would be keen to know! x

It was good, Dr P recommended what he seems to be recommending to everyone, Metavive and Adrenavive. Not sure

that's working as since stopping Levo and starting Metavive I feel worse but I'm hoping that's just an adjustment period!

Hi Munchlet. How have you been finding the Metavive and Adrenavive since you posted 2 months ago? Did Dr P give you any further advice? How much Levo were you on previously? I switched over too from 150mg. Am feeling fine. I made the switch April/May time and am hoping that my blood readings will continue to be stable. Hope you're okay.

Hi snooks I've actually swapped adrenavive to nutri adrenal as I started to find the adrenavive wasn't working as well and I couldn't get hold of Dr P to discuss upping the dose. So I now take 1 metavive. 1 nutri adrenal, 25mg of Levo and I've also added in a daily supplement of Vit D. I don't what it is that's working but the last few days I've felt so much better, a lot less achey and more energy etc. Digestive issues also better so hopefully it will continue!

snooks in reply to Munchlet

Well that all sounds very positive...good news. Do you know if it's okay to keep taking Adrenavive for the long term? I only take the one daily. I called to ask once and I think one of the ladies who answered the phone said it was fine...someone had previously asked if they could take 9! She felt this was too many!

I'm off the Levo altogether...did you try that? How much had you been on previously?

Munchlet in reply to snooks

I'm not actually sure but Dr P did tell me during my appt that "they were all taking it" referring to himself and the ladies in the office so I assume they've been taking it a while! It might be worth posting in here and asking. I think I've seen posts where people continue to take it long term. I think in an ideal world you are meant to just take it until you feel ok and then come off but with the stresses and strains of today's life I'm sure that's not always possible, besides if it's making you feel better and it's a natural supplement I guess it wouldn't do any harm?

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