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I have had hypothyroidism for 11 yrs ,I went hyperthyroid 4 months ago and never been right since.Bloods say 'normal' now ,I had to reduce

thyroxine dose from 150mcg daily to 100 mcg one day and 75 mcg the next,never been on such a low dose.I think I am now too hypo now even though bloods ' normal'.I have taken 100mcg daily for 6 days now and am starting to feel a bit jittery again and am really scared of going hyper again.Something has gone really wrong with my thyroid and I cannot get it back in balance.GP and Endo say nothing to do with thyroid even though when I went hyper and tsh unrecordable and free t4 26 (max being 18) they said it that it was my thyroid then.GP will not do t3 .Had antibodies done 399,but gp could' nt tell me if I had hashimotos.All I want is to feel well again ,every day I feel different,I am cold ,hair falling out low mood lethargic off work for 4 months now.If its not thyroid what is it,was offered antideppressents again ,no way.

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I am sorry you have had a difficult time. Even though both doctors say you are in 'normal' range it may not be normal for you.

Is is possible to get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood test results, with the ranges, and post here and someone will comment. You did say you did feel hyper before they reduced your meds so you want to avoid that situation again

Maybe they have been too severe in the reduction of meds that you now feel hypo. I think it is good to trust our instinct. Some of us need a low or suppressed TSH to feel better. This is an excerpt of what happens if your meds are lowered due to the TSH but your case is different as you had hyper symptoms. Your clinical symptoms now appear hypo and as you have had it for 11years you will have some idea what's going on in your body.

I wonder if you had a manufacturer change in the levo you had been taking. If so, that can affect some people.

This is a question/answer put to Dr Lowe on January 2, 2002


In my experience, most conventional endocrinologists, seemingly unaware of the bell-curve phenomenon, make a trouble-causing presumption: that researchers have scientifically established the safe and effective dose of thyroid hormone for all human beings. That dose, they presume, is one that keeps the TSH and thyroid hormone levels within their reference ranges. This, however, is a false and scientifically unjustified presumption. ...........


Yes I was on Teva make for years, they were recalled .I spent 4 /5 months trying different makes and settled on workhardt and then went hyper.Now on Mercury Pharma.Something very odd has happened to my thyroid all my symptoms have become worse and feeling surreal too,I thought it may have been the change of make too.


This is a list of other thyroid gland meds, of course I doubt your Endo would let you have NDT but there are a couple of lactose free ones. One of our members Suze only got better when her Endo prescribed a purified levo she had tried most others.


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