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Body temperature fluctuating rapidly

Hi all I'm really very desperate my body goes from freezing to sweating within literally seconds. I get up and the most I can manage is have quick wash clean teeth and do hair if I'm lucky by which time I'm dripping wet, so much so my head and face has sweat dripping down as though someone has tipped water over me I'm then shaking as though I'm going to pass out although my feet can be freezing cold.

I'm sorry I'm talking gibberish but don't know how to explain.

I'm always hot in bed at night and have to sleep with window open, trying to do anything that consumes even tiny amount of energy causes sweats.

I've been taking thyroxine 50mcg for under-active thyroid for many years and Dr has done blood test and says everything is fine!

I'm female age 67, I also have fibromyalgia, diverticular disease, crumbling spine, macular degeneration won't bore you with the rest lol.

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I think you need to get a copy if your blood test results with their lab ranges from your surgery, you are entitled to have them. Then you can post them and people will be able to comment. Often doctors say your results are 'fine' when they might be fine for someone else but not for you. That's because they consider any result within a very wide range to be ok which is ridiculous. Have you had your vitamin B12 and D3 tested as well as ferritin and folates? You need them all to be towards the top of their ranges to benefit your thyroid.

You have my sympathy with the temperature fluctuations - my husband jokes that he got a defective model with no thermostat. I'm always either frozen or sweating, I've actually got Graves but still feel cold a lot of the time and I can remember as a child I used to like sunbathing wrapped in a blanket (still do to be honest) so it looks like I've always had body temp regulating problems. It is very difficult to deal with.

Get a copy of your results and post them and hopefully that will give you some ideas.

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Thank you Fruitandnutcase for your kindness in replying. I will request my blood results and show them. Tbh I'm not sure if dr tested for vitamins B12 and D3 or ferrit and folates, I will mention these when I request blood results.

I also suffer terribly with depression and anxiety and the way I'm feeling with these awful body temperature fluctuations is making me so Ill feeling like I'm dying, it's not like the various pains in my body, this is seriously debilitating literally keeping me bed bound I'm really scared especially as DH or family don't understand (they can't cope with illness, let alone MH issues)

I'm so sorry for going on but can't continue living like this when it's so difficult getting dr appt and understanding, I thank you again for explaining what I need to do xx


I do hope someone else comes along wth better advice about temperature control, it is very hard to live with. You can always repost later in the week if you don't hear much.

I wonder if it will turn out that you need more Levo? sweating (I think, I'm not medically qualified) usually goes with hyper but I've always managed to feel cold as well as managed to get overheated.

So many people have a hard time wth ther families not understanding. There is a letter to friends and families of thyroid sufferers that explosive how hard it s for you to function - have a look on here and see if any of these might help you. Once you see your results written down with the ranges hopefully you will be a lot further ahead.

I've never been able t get my T3 tested on the NHS so I get them done privately, Blue Horizon labs do a thyroid 10 test for £108 which does everything apart from vitamin D which I get done elsewhere because my endo and doctor both flatly refused to test them. I've never mentioned them to my doctors but I just like to know what's going on and that was the only way I could find out without wearing myself out begging.


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