Can doctors be persuaded to check free T3 and free T4? Or just TSH?

I have been taking Levothyroxine for a few months, as my TSH came back as borderline at 4.2. Since taking the Levo, the TSH has come down to 1.98, which they say is now 'in range'. They have not checked my free T3 or free T4, just the TSH which is rubbish, I know. Is it worth asking the doctor if they will actually check these, or am I wasting my time?

I am thinking of getting my own finger prick test done from Blue Horizon, but didn't want to if I can persuade my doc to do it.

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  • From my experience at our surgery it's hit and miss, and usually miss, to get FT4 and FT3 done. Our doctor says it's the lab that has final say on whether to do FT3.

    My daughter did get TSH, FT4 and FT3 done recently but that is because I asked the doctor to put down she'd had a hemithyroidectomy.

    It's worth asking imo.

  • sip1 You can ask, but whether they'll be done is another matter.

    My surgery has always done TSH and FT4, but as it's about 3 years since my last test I don't know if that's changed. FT3 is generally decided by the lab and only usually done if there's something drastically wrong with TSH and FT4.

    Ask your surgery first and if they won't do it then do a Blue Horizon test.

  • You could ask doctor to check and they may even agree but unfortunately the lab will probably ignore any requests for Ft4 & ft3 if TSH is in range. The only way I've ever been able to get ft3 tested is through They have a range of Thyroid tests to suit your budget

  • Thank you to those who replied - I have ordered one from Blue Horizon, I didn't see the point in asking the GP if it was just going to be ignored by the lab, and then take longer before I know the answer. Hopefully I will get my result before I'm due to see my GP, and then we can discuss (if necessary)

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