After , onths of symptoms sweating, insomnia, anxiety, palpatations etc I was diagnosed hyperthyroid and put on carbimozole and have finally got results print out.My gp says after 6 weeks on med I am now in normal range or almost but I dont feel any different but look at my tsh its still very low does this matter? Why is it still the same when my t3 and t4 are ok? Dont unferstamd this at all.Am I still hyperthyroid? My results are before carbimazole tsh 0.02, t4 22.6 and t3 8.5.Now they are tsh 0.02, t4 21.3 and t3 7.1.My gp says he dosnt really understand tsh.What could these results mean? Thankyou.

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Have you been referred to an Endo? GPs aren't meant to treat hyperthyroidism, especially ones who admit to not understanding TSH ???!!!

Hi hampster 1 thanks for your reply.Yes he has referred me to an Endo so suppose will have to wait and see what he/she says.

Try not to worry too much about TSH, when hyperthyroid its the last to come up and takes quite some time. From what I see, your t4 hasn't budged much which is why you don't feel much different. Give the carbimazole time, you'll get there x

Thankyou for the reply joy333 yes I suppose I have alot to learn I was only diagnosed 6 weeks ago.I just expected the carbimozole to work straight away!

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