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Updated Blood Test Results, What Do They Mean?

Hey, so I have been seen by Endocrinology and they are looking at Thyroiditis. These are the results on the letter I have just received.


Free T4 15.9 TSH 0.32


Free T4 25.5 TSH <0.05


Free T4 8.8 TSH 12.4


Thyroid Peroxidase AB * 82

My latest T4 and TSH are not included in the letter. I go back in September for more blood tests and to see the Nurse. Any advice on what my results mean?

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High antibodies suggest it's Hashimoto's, or autoimmune thyroid disease.

Read as much as possible about Hashimoto's

Starting on Thyroid UK


Suggest you ask GP to also test your vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 at your next test

If TSH is above range at next test the GP should start you on Levothyroxine.

You may want to try strictly gluten free diet to see if it helps



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Yeah I suspected Hashimoto's, I feel awful, I am hoping to start medication at my next appointment, I don't want to have to wait until January when I see the specialist again. My B12 is fine, was treated for anemia and Vit D deficiency for 18 months, I think they are all OK at the moment as they tested that at my last blood test. I will look into gluten free. Thank you so much for the reply x

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Hi, when you give results of blood tests, it is very helpful if you can also put the ranges. Machines they use in testing blood are not identical, so ranges can be different and it is helpful in responding if ranges are also stated.

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It is on a report from the specialist. The T4 has (9-27pmol/l) and the TSH has ( 0.35-5.5mu/l) beside the results box and then just lists my blood test results.


T4 is slightly different from FT4, so I am going by your top result FT4 @15.9 (9-27) so you will see yours is in the middle of the range when should be nearer the top. The most important is FT3 which they rarely do, but (I am not medically qualified) if FT4 is middle of range I don't think you'd have a reasonable FT3. I shall give you a link re bloods and read about why both Frees are important.

T3 is the driving force which enables our metabolism to work effectively.



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