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A Good Look At Good Health - Dr John Briffa


Dr John Briffa has an excellent website and keeps you up to take with medical articles in the media. I found this one very interesting....


You can also join up to his newsletters - drbriffa.com/

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I have his book,recommended by my GP. So why didn't I think to look at the web site??doh.

beaton in reply to beaton

So now I've done it,found the web site,added the news letter and facebooked Dr Briffa.

Couldn't agree more - my old doctor (30 - 40 years ago) used to sit you down and ask you to exlain everything and then give you a thorough health check - looked in your eyes, asked you to stick your tongue out, checked your blood pressure (amongst other things) and only then did he start to get to grips with the problem that you went to him for. He knew exactly what meds you were on and their side effects. He would not have dreamed of sending you anywhere for a headache unless he had exhausted all avenues first.

Its seems that GP's are now just goal keepers for the hospitals - they try to keep as many of us out for as long as possible - but offer us no answers in the mean time.

I would say technology in the GP's surgery can be as unhelpful as it is helpful.

Moggie x

....thank you Lyn. Docs also popped a spatula on your tongue and you had to say ahhh ! I thought it was to check the tonsils/throat - probably was. Have just read in the book - Why Isn't my Brain Working - by Datis Kharazian - that the gag response is important and the epiglottis wobbling indicates there is a good connection between the brain and the gut via the vagus nerve ! If it does not then gargling several times a day should stimulate it and hence improve gut/brain issues. Mine is not wobbling ! Work to be done !

lynmynottAdministrator in reply to Marz

Very interesting!! Let us know how you get on! :-)


I always look at his website when I see it mentioned and there are some good articles there. Now signed up for the newsletter!

Thanks for posting!

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