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Giving the Dr John Lowe middle of the night single T3 dose a go!


My current total dose of T3-only is 80mcg. A week ago I started taking 10mcg at 4am, then 20mcg at 8am, 12midday, 4pm and 8pm — 90mcg in total. I’d been doing various versions of the multi-dose for a few months. I felt noticeably better for 2 days (placebo...or...?) and then knocked down again this weekend just gone. Exhausted. I wonder if my relatively low-stress receptionist job keeps me going during the week, then I just crash on the weekend... not every weekend though. Anyway! Main point of this blog is that I’m trying this method from today. Took 80mcg at 4am; I do it in my sleep (hmm... sort of :-/ and getting back to sleep is getting easier. I was worried I’d have a stroke or heart attack but one of the “oldies” here kindly shared some articles and interviews with me and —given I’m STILL waiting for my NDT script and STILL feeling rubbish, I thought why not? Benefits of this method so far: 1) middle of the night guarantees empty stomach and no issues with coffee, tea or supplements. 2) no multiple alarms throughout the day reminding me to take my next dose and, by the way, reminding me that I’m one unwell woman. I do feel self-conscious having to pop pills all day! 3) less stress about possibly forgetting to take my meds to work (it happens) and what if they’re not stored in the fridge (they weren’t at work; just too hard) and what if...? All okay now because my meds are safe at home, in the fridge, until the night before I take them, when my 4 tablets are by my bed for 4am. 4) I can drink coffee and tea throughout the day guilt-free yayyy!! Thanks to the lovely one who suggested this (I don’t want to lose my blog by checking your name now... you know who you are ;-) and... is there anyone else using single dose T4, T4/T3, T3 or NDT ? And how are you finding it works for you?

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I remember seeing a graph on hear one of normal levels and FT3 was highest in the early hours so to me it makes sense that the time you should be taking it

Blue_Bee in reply to silverfox7

Thanks for the encouragement Silverfox. I won’t give up my search for good health. It’s good to be reminded of that graph — there is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there. This place really helps me focus on what is relevant and helpful.

Bunnyjean in reply to Blue_Bee

Good luck with dosage and feeling well. I am just starting T3 myself and it's very hit and miss at this stage.

Please keep us posted with your results.

Thanks Bunnyjean. Good luck to you too! T3 lifted my brain-fog and deep depression in a matter of days. It was like the sun burning off a deep fog. What a relief!! I think it’s actually hard for me to remember just how bad it was for me on pure T4. And although a light mist has returned over time, and I still have a long way to go before feeling well; T3 certainly did make a very positive, lasting difference for me brain-depression-wise. I hope it does that and more for you! We’re all so different ;-) ... as for the single dose T3 at 4am, on day one today I felt no worse throughout the day and just as exhausted as I trudged up the hill home after work.... but! It was a joy not to have to do the multi doses throughout the day. Small steps...

Hi Blue_Bee Ive never read or been told that thyroid hormones should be stored in the fridge. Please can you tell me where you got this information and how important it is. Many thanks in advance 😊 EveP

Blue_Bee in reply to EveP

Hi Eve, I got it from the Australian Thyroid Foundation. They even sell travel cool-packs here

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Blue_Bee


Storing in refrigerator is specifically required in Australia. A few years ago, testing in their climate suggested that the manufacturers had a choice - advise storing in refrigerator or shorten product life. The decision was to advise refrigeration.

The downside to storing in a cold place is that the product can change water content. Most obviously, condensation when it is taken out of the cold into warm , moist air.

I suspect that they could have said "in a refrigerator or in a continuously air-conditioned environment never exceeding 25 C".

I do not know of any other country which specifically requires use of a refrigerator. However, it would seem prudent to think through in other hot climates whether it might be sensible.

It is not required in the UK. However, avoiding warm places like airing cupboards, or sun-kissed window cills, is a good idea.

Interesting, thanks for the context, Helvella. Yes, that’s the curse of all those blue skies of course - all those months of days over 25 Celsius. Hence the need for refrigeration and cool-packs. T4 comes in blister packs in AU so condensation should not be an issue. T3 does not (well, my script doesn’t) and that’s why I’m liberal with those silicon moisture-capture packs in the container of pills, and then in the sealed container that I store my T3 pill container in, in the fridge. What about with global warming? Aren’t you getting much warmer days in UK and Europe, even heatwaves on occasion? Not wanting to add another worry to a thyroid sufferer’s life, but maybe UK/European folks ought to consider storing the meds in the fridge during heatwaves...? And certainly it’s recommended if travelling through hotter climates, when on holiday for example.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Blue_Bee


Excess use of desiccants (such as silica packs) can have the opposite effect and dry out the tablets too far. In the case of levothyroxine, we expect to be taking the pentahydrate form (even if the ingredient is identified as anhydrous levothyroxine sodium).

Too much drying can end up further towards anhydrous. The impact is unclear.

Thank you 😊

Never a lack of information here that’s for sure, thanks Helvella. That’s why they call Thyroid meds the Goldilocks medication I guess. Not too hot, not too cold, not too moist, not too dry, not too much, not too little. It’s enough to make a grown woman cry!

😳 I didn't know you should store T3 in a fridge ?

Hello blue bee, I realize I m replying 2 years later to your post, but are you still on single dose? I do only a single dose of t3 50mcg and have relieved my hypo symptoms but people are telling me I need to split my dose! Really??

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