Not Looking Good- Miscarraige


Bleeding at 7 weeks pregnant. I was worried that dose of 25mcg was not high enough to and my worries are coming true. I had my cry and feel bit better now. I am now on 50 mcg but it is too late to save this pregnancy. Well at least I know for next time, stepping stones. I'm sure my miscarriage will be confirmed Friday.

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Mostly Thyroid Related. Will be useful for women in my situation.

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  • So sorry to hear this. Have fingers crossed 

  • I am sorry and 25mcg of levo wont do much good. At least you are learning and will make sure the doctor treats you properly and not be dictated to by the TSH alone.

    If mothers-to-be are not on an optimum of hormones, their baby can be damaged.

  • Yes I realised after this mess that I needed to increase and endo agreed .

  • He should have upped your dose before this. They should be aware that there is a possibility that the patient could become pregnant.

  • The GP was not involved in prescribing levothyroxine they denied it. The private endo gave 25mcg. But the NHS endo appointment was a 4 month wait. So he only saw me yesterday and increased dose straught way.timing wasn't great. There's always next time....

  • Ach Orangepie. I'm sorry to hear that. 



  • I'm so sorry, Orangepie.

  • Thanks I'm used to it now...

  • Orangepie,

    I hope the endo will try reducing your antibodies with steroids so your next pregnancy will go to term.

  • Yes that's the plan to start treatment in 4 weeks :) thank you clutter x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this orangepie. 

  • I'm so sorry, Orangepie. Gentle hugs xx

  • hi hun im so sorry for your loss I had a missed miscarriage last year baby grew too 8 weeks 1 day I was on 100mcg at time but gps and midwife refused med increase too 125mcg before 12 weeks which is wrong. I found out Sunday I'm pregnant again six weeks ish so I upped my dose myself but I did see doc today who actually knew my meds needed increasing and gave me new script and bloods form I know if I lose this baby too at least I had More meds this time. Big hugs hun its devastating too lose your pregnancy ❤

  • Good luck Orangepie.

    Thinking of you x

  • Hi, so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I'm now 65 & had 4 miscarriages all at different stages.  Looking back, I was hypo in my childhood but wasn't picked up til I was 30, after I had my one child full term.   In the end I happened to find a very good gyni who gave me progesterone injections from week 12 & I went to full term.  Thought I would tell you so you know it worked for me & it is out there.  Best wishes x

  • That's interesting, so would you say being hypo affect progesterone. It seems your came was progesterone and hypo issue. They say my issue is just the auttoimmune thyroid antibodies.

  • I don't know for sure if it was more than hypo that caused all my miscarriages.  I think I read here an answer saying hypo involves many hormones.  x x 

  • So sorry. Unfortunately been there with miscarriage. I feel for you.

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