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Dr's, Endo's who are willing to prescribe NDT?

I joined this website after the loss of Dr Skinner, who I'd been seeing privately for some years.

As we all know, you can't get Armour or ERFA etc via the NHS. So after his death I didn't want to get stuck in the NHS trap of inadequate treatment again.

My GP won't prescribe it, so obviously he's only going to offer Levo again.

I also wanted to know where I could go with my prescription after finding a new Dr, directly via the www., as from what you've all been saying, it's much cheaper. Plus I thought it would be a good idea to be able to get an alternative NDT as I had a problem when the Armour shortage was happening a year or two ago.

So I asked thyroid uk to provide me with a list of Dr's, Endo's who will prescribe NDT.

I also asked for the list of websites where I can obtain NDT directly on the web. Obviously that would have been after I'd seen one of the Dr's

I've asked repeatedly, through several websites and by personal email.

Eventually after several weeks, I got a one line reply saying it's not their policy to provide a list of where to purchase thyroid meds without a prescription.

Not what I asked at all. To say I was shocked is an understatement!

There was an attachment with the list of Dr's thankfully! Although that seemed to be a standard attachment along with others at the bottom of the email. Not there by design.

I had a flash of dealing with the NHS and Dr's that don't listen to patients or read anything, when I got that email.

So, if someone could help me with some of the reliable sources where I can acquire my meds online?


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Hi Debbie

Thank you for your post.

I have replied to your email, addressing your concerns.

We have only just returned from our Xmas break, so sorry if you have contacted us before and not received a reply.



Sorry - me being dense again - I'm not clear what you're asking. Do you want reliable online sources of NDT, or a list of private doctors who will prescribe NDT?




I will PM you.


Hi could you Pm me too please, I'm having no luck with this yet


Does anyone have a list of doctors in US who prescribe NDT? Please email me if you or s1 you know does!


Please could I have the details too, I suffer with leg cramping on Levo and my gp and endocrinologist will not prescribe ndt!!


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