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Gp kindly trying to prescribe NDT

I have no thyroid so am on life long replacement .

My very kind gp who realises I'm so much better on NDT has been trying to help prescribe for me .

She gave me a prescription for nature throid which went off to Boots .

After about four weeks of not hearing anything I thought I'd chase it up . The pharmacist told me that it had been sent back with a note saying they're unable to fulfil it . No other details though so am none the wiser . Obviously I'll go back and discuss with my gp but wondered if anyone had a similar experience and was able to solve it ? Thanks

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Have you looked at Thyroid UK's website where they list pharmacies that supply various thyroid medicine?

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Not very helpful of Boots!

This should help thyroiduk.org/tuk/treatment...


That's great Thankyou - will take that info along to gp & go from there !



Seems particulary mad now that Boots are part of Walgreens Boots Alliance. And Walgreens do handle Armour Thyroid:


Obviously of absolutely no help to the original poster, AmandaQ. :-(

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What a gem of a GP!

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