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Do Private self referral endo's write to GP's?..NDT advice please


Hi to all, I cannot seem to get to the bottom of what the state of play is with this. if you self refer to a private endo, do they inform your GP of the consultation and that they have provided a private prescription. I am currently awaiting my nhs referral to come through to an endo who does prescribe t3 but I believe it is a long wait and would not check out adrenals etc which I would like to have and discuss all treatment options. My understanding is that private prescrition for NDT would need to be paid for anyway so is it necessary that they inform them. Could I go private whilst I'm waiting for NHS a to come through

anyone reading who has seen a private endo who considers prescribing NDT...please could you inbox me, I am in yorkshire but would travel. I have the thyroid uk list but always helpful to hear success stories. Thank you

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Hi Itom, I thought that if you saw a private endo you needed to be refered by your GP. I may be wrong. I know when I contacted mine they also wished the GP to refer. When I asked my GP for T3 he told me we don't do that. I found my self a super endo from the list and she supported my use of T3. She also supports NDT. She writes to my GP who prescribes me whatever she asks him too. He has commended me on finding an Endo who supports and understands the bloods. I will PM you with her name. She is some distance from you. I do a six hour round trip to see her. She has patients from all over the UK she gave me my life back.

LittleTom in reply to rubyred

Thanks ruby red that is really helpful, sorry I PMd you instead of replying here!

I would travel happily if it gets me sorted. I am pleased you have experienced a good level of care...Did she do tests, adrenals etc. ? I would prefer that a GP referral could be done but I have already got one to an NHS endo but and if it takes ages I'm not sure about asking my GP to do another one to a private endo instead. ? So looking at self referral to save the hassle. Maybe she could just copy the NHS referral letter to her ? T

gillykins2 in reply to rubyred

Hi rubyred,

Could you also PM me with your endo's details,

Many thanks,


Pepekins in reply to rubyred

I live near London, perhaps you would be good enough to PM me too. Many thanks.


I have seen private endo. You can withhold consent - you do NOT have to have anything sent to nhs. I also see a private GP when i can afford it and he does not send anything to nhs.

You can ask private docs to make recommendations to nhs gps but mostly they will refuse as they simply don't want to pay - in fact,in my experience, NHS GPs even ignore NHS specialist recommendations. It's pretty amazing what they get away with

I think it depends on your insurance.

I am seeing a Consultant privately, no gp referral, infact it's me who is keeping the gp up to date so it's on my nhs records.

The same insurers often required a go referral so seems variable.

One thing for sure though, if you go private insist that you get full copies of all reports, tests, results are entitled to them.


HI If you see a private Endo they need a GP referral and the GP works under their supervision.So drugs, bloods and tests etc can be done nHS.


Hi ltom, Would you please send me details too as I am struggling to find a local GP who will prescribe NDT and my Endocrinologist is only able to prescribe them on a trial basis!! Liothyronine and Levo do not make any difference, when I was on trial with Armour it worked great but can't get anyone to prescribe it and now would rather try WP Thyroid as I have heard they have changed the formula for Armour and is no longing working properly!

I live in Kent

Thank you in advance!

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