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Newest results for thyroid, Lab suggesting reducing thyroxine. Would you agree?

Lab results hot off the press!

Serum free T3 level (bh) Abnormal 9.2pmol/L (3.50 - 6.50pmol/L

Serum free T4 level (bh) Abnormal 32.1 pmol/L 10.30 - 22.70pmol/L

Serum TSH level (bh) abnormal <0.03 mu/L (0.35 - 5.50mu/L

Serum folate (bh) Normal No Action 4.6ug/L (3.00 - 17.00ug/L)

Serum vitamin B12 (bh) Normal- No Action 393ng/L (211.00 -911.00ng/L)

Serum ferritin (bh) Normal No Action 35ug/L (10.00 - 322.00ug/L)

Serum iron level (bh) Normal No Action 11 umol/L (7.00 - 32.00umol/L)

Any words if wisdom?

I saw my gp and she has basically said she is no expert on thyroid & will not adjust my levo and the board will not supply Armour....I have been refered to Paul Ryan who happens to be a consultant at our local hospital. Fingers crossed!

Thank you everyone


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If it was me I would supplement b12 ,folate and iron.

I currently use spatone iron supplement jarrows b12 1000mcg not sure about folate I get that from my multivitamin.

Do you feel well? And how long have you been on the dose of levo?

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Thank you, I don't feel well and truly suspect low vit levels and adrenals to be mixed in. I will start supplementing properly.


Your results do show you are overmedicated, although you may feel ok now in time it will cause problems.


Thank you, I'm sure the GP will call to discuss this. Can't wait to see the consultant.


If you are on Levo 'only' and not other thyroid meds then you 'may' be over-replaced.

How do you feel?

Could you not reduce the Levo by say 25mcg daily for a month and see how you do?


Thank you. I am on Levi only now as armour has run out. I will try that. Thanks again x


Hello & thank you for replying. I was on 200 mg levo & 60mg armour. I was feeling much better. My armour meds ran out so I took 250mg for a few days ( while I waited for more armour- which I still haven't ordered) then decided to just take the 200mg. Probably not so wise now thinking about it. My bloods were taken whilst I was doing the 250mg (only 2or 3 days and straight after the armour meds ran out thinking that armour is levo plus t3 so all I'd be missing is t3)but hadn't taken any meds the night before bloods. Not sure what the half life is.

I'm now on 200mg only and have noticed I'm far more stiffer and achier. Wonder if this is lack of armour or too much levo? I felt better on the armour& levo combo but still not quite right.


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