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Hashimoto's vs "normal" hypo

I was wondering what (if any) difference there is in terms of treatment, prognosis etc.

I have hypothyroidism and although I don't think i've been directly told it I'm pretty sure it's Hashi (since tests showed antibodies). My doctors aren't so great at coming up with a consistent approach let alone telling me what's going on (some dr's telling me my levels are "fine", others saying it's still iffy etc) but there seems to be a general consensus by now that my levels are good and don't need changing.

Thing is, I still feel run down and i'm even getting aches and pains in "flare ups" now which I never really used to. I would have thought that my levels being "good" for a couple of months now would mean no more flare ups let alone worsening ones.

Could thing be cos of the antibody influence or does it seem like there's more going on?

When I tell drs about it atm the general respone is "but your levels are fine" or "you're young, do stuff" or "build things up slowly". I'm currently in an episode where after going to the cinema and having a meal I came back home and found it exhausting just going to the toilet a few steps from my bed. I don't think being young or staying positive is really gunna help tbh.

I'm about to try getting a referral to a rheumatologist anyway to see if there's more to this, but I'm always looking for as much info as I can since I seem to have to do most of the work here. And right now I'm just so frustrated with this flare up that I need something to be doing.

So yeah if anybody has any knowledge of hashis I would really appreciate it. My current treatment is levothyroxine tablets btw.

Thanks :)

Oh and hi. New here.

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'Fine' is an opinion, not a diagnosis. And doctors' opinions are not to be trusted, where thyroid is concerned. Even if they think your levels are 'fine', you could still be under-medicated. So, you need to get hold of the numbers and the ranges, and see for yourself.

Ask for a print-out of your results - if you live in the UK, it's your legal right to have a copy - and post them on here, with the ranges, and we'll be better able to help you. :)


I have Hashimoto's, and was told at the time of diagnosis (17 years ago) that you only have antibody levels tested to confirm or rule out Hashi's, but that it won't affect treatment in any way.

I have noticed that I feel better when my TSH is suppressed (below 0), as that seems to lower my anti-TPO levels. But that is just my own theory, and most doctors will not treat the cause of your hypothyroidism.


Its utterly vital to always get copies of your blood tests and start a file

Also vital you learn about your condition

If you have antibodies its Hashimotos

If you have symptoms then the results are not "normal or fine" most GPs know zip about thyroid

Its also vital that





Are all tested and must be at least halfway in their ranges otherwise your body cannot utilise the levothyroxine and convert it to the t3 that every cell needs to function


I'm one of the 10% who don't have antibodies and the treatment is the same. I just don't get the flare ups to deal with!


It would be good to see your blood results for a clearer picture.

Folate and Ferritin should be mid range. Take vitamin C along side iron supplementation to help with absorption.

Vit D up around 60,no less.

B12 600+ under 500 can start to cause neurological changes.

Yes you have Hashimotos. You will benefit from being 100% gluten/casein free.

Gluten and Casein look like the thyroid to the body (molecular mimmickry) so when ingested and they leak into the bloodstream via the gut, the T cells are sent to attack but then mistakenly attack the thyroid too.

Research leaky gut. Chris Kresser website is good for this.

Izabella Wentz website is useful. Her new book Hashimotos Protocol is good.

Dr Datis Khazzarians books are brilliant for Hashimotos too.

Susan Blum md The Auto Immune Recovery Plan is great for diet advice.

Re aching, I also have to omit nightshades as when I eat them my hips joints become so inflamed and painful. So that's potato, tomato, aubergine...

I did a previous post called things that help where I've listed things that have helped me feel better with Hashimotos. Sadly it will never go but you can put it into remission.


Thanks guys. I'm trying to get that rheumatologist appointment so will be getting all the test results I can for that (hopefully they will actually put the dates on this time!). When I do get them I'll post them on here.

I've heard a little about leaky gut already so I'll look into that too. I'm also looking into something to do with Candida at the moment since it was mentioned by an osteopath I saw.

I am already on VitD supplements due to a pretty hefty deficiency and tend to be given random other supplements following blood tests cos there's usually something that's a bit low. I might have a discussion with drs about if it's worth me taking any supplements long term to prevent issues though.

Thanks a bunch guys. It really helps to get some opinions on the matter. :)


Those of us with Hashi's are in fact normal' ones, as it is the case of 90% of underactive thyroids! It seems anyone without antbodies doesn't have Hashimoto's but some other caus. My teenager falls into this category despite me and various other relatives having Hashimoto's. His treatment is the same.

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