Huge jump in pulse rate. Is this to do with Hashimoto's?

Have read an article over the weekend about something called P.O.T.S. Having now looked it up and read about symptoms, I found its common for this to cause sufferers problems when standing in queues, something I have had real problem with to a point of paramedics being called a few times in recent months. My legs feel like they won't support me, I feel really hot and wobbly and in particular it feels like my heart is pounding out of control. After that I get pins and needles in my legs.

One paramedic took me off to hospital with wildly fluctuating pulse rate but nothing was found at hospital. Having read about P.O.T.S. I have tested my pulse rate today and the first test, my heart rate climbed steadily over half hour period from 64 lying down to 124 standing and I do mean just standing...not exercising or walking about.

Second test went from 62 lying down to 139 standing after half hour. Both tests were over a hundred within a couple of minutes standing, straight off but I wanted to test longer to see if readings remained high.

I am not on Levo at the mo' for other tests to be done but does this sound like something purely down to the Hashimoto's or could this be yet another additional problem like P.O.T.S.

I can't go to my doctor's again and query me having something else because he really will think I'm a hypochondriac , so please tell me this can be down to Hashi's instead.

Thanks for reading.

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  • I don't know if I can answer your question but I want to share my experience.

    Since having problems with my thyroid (hypo) I have a high pulse and constantly feel my heart beating. When I sit and stand up it goes up and not just a bit. When I ride my bike my pulse is 180. You can imagine that's not comfortable. I always was active so it's not like my body wasn't used to moving.

    So I went to a heart specialist and got some tests, ultrasound looked good, had a special test to check for POTS (tilt table test) and that was also good. I believe POTS is about blood pressure. My heart specialist told me that if you don't have enough blood in your body then the heart has to pump harder to get it all around. More so when you are moving.

    I bought a book of dr. Barnes recently and it said something interesting. The body needs warmth to produce red blood cells, people with hypothyroidism are always cold so often they see symptoms of anemia because of this. Less blood and a worse circulation maybe results in high pulse.

    That's my thought, I've just started treatment so can't tell yet if levo is the solution.

  • Thank you, Flower3. That's interesting to know. I'm reassured that you had the POTS test and everything was okay. I'm hoping a few other folk might be able to tell me the same too.

    I hope the Levo works for you and wish you well.

  • Hello Flower3: It seems we have similar problem. FYI - I have Hashimoto and am currently taking 25 mcg tirosint.

    My heart rate goes very high and stays high even when I walk with a slight brisk pace. A 15-20 minutes walk or yard work also gives me a restless and un-refreshing sleep I am curious to know what you did to increase your blood and circulation as that seems to be the root cause.

    I do drink lot of water (90+ ounces in a day) and this seems to help - and this was suggested by my Cardio doctor

  • Hi there! I'm very glad to tell you that my heart rate went to normal after having a normal TSH and FT4 thanks to the Levo. Palpitations are also gone. I guess it was because of being hypo/hyper.

  • Forgot to mention that one reason this article about POTS caught my eye was because the woman who was the subject of the article, was told her having glandular fever shortly beforehand may have led to her getting POTS and I too had Glandular Fever in August.

    Just seemed a coincidence.

  • Hi I was like this and vit D and Atrial Fibrillation ( A.F)were found to be the cause.Vit D is hormonal affects the thyroid and is a simple blood test, also check calcium as relevant. A.F rule out by taking pulse 3 times a day for 2 weeks. If jumps about see a doc for a 24 hour monitor for heart.


  • Okay. Will do. Thanks for your reply, Jackie.

  • Having either Hypo or Hyper can cause POTS symptoms and Hashi's can do that. My heart races and is too slow at times, since i got Hashi's. Of course, no doctor will agree it has anything to do with Hashis. They know very little.

  • Thanks for replying Faith63. Readings today have been just as high as yesterday. Also too my blood pressure and pulse after a short outing to get a bit of shopping and the diastolic figure seemed unusually high. Blood pressure was 123/100 with a pulse rate of 120.

    By coincidence I got a call out of the blue from the diabetes nurse at my surgery. She said she'd noticed in my notes all the problems I've been going through this year and was concerned that nobody had done my basic yearly diabetes checks. I explained my concerns of racing heart rate etc and she did think it possible it could be down to the thyroid problem, so is going to get me an appointment o see the doctor next week, the same time she does her checks.

    I'm pleased she called because she seemed very nice and willing to help.

  • You look to be going through a Hyper phase of Hashimotos. If you actually get help, it will be a miracle, as most doctors, seem to know how to treat it. You should have been put on thyroid meds already, which can stop the attack on your thyroid. Are you on meds?

  • Not at the mo', Faith63. It's complicated. If you read my previous posts, you'll understand why I won't bore you with everything else going on.

  • I read your posts..i can truly relate. When you have any swelling of the thyroid, it can put pressure on the nerves of your throat, causing a pressure or choking sensation. You need to see if there is swelling in your esophagus, like from reflux, GERD etc.. It all goes with Hashi's/ Hypo. If you have antibodies, you have Hashi's and need Thyroid Hormone, a proper dose and the right type of meds for you. Then, you should feel better. I am not there after many years, so tired of feeling bad. Also, food allergies and sensitivities can be the cause of Hashi's too. GERD and reflux are made worse by eating food that is effecting us. Giving up milk products, which a tests showed i am sensitive to, has helped.

  • Yes, I think your right. I'm waiting on a coeliac test too at the mo'. Just need to be patient but I'm longing to feel like 'me' again and I've not felt like that for so long.

  • It does take a long time, especially if you are a complicated case, which i am , i guess. I don't utilize standard thyroid meds properly either. Keep us informed of your test results etc..

  • Will do. Thank you for your kind help.

  • I'm to see my G.P. Next week about this rapid pulse rate. Been monitoring it closely last few days and I decided to check it around 4.40 a.m. as well today, as I woke feeling everything racing. Got out of bed so as not to disturb hubby and straight after standing it was 122. Blood pressure was okay at 92/73.

    Thinking about it, I had a couple of months when I couldn't sleep (and I do mean I was lucky if I got a couple of hours sleep in a week) about a year ago. I felt totally 'over alert' all the time. I got put on sleeping tablets but they gave me black outs, so I refused any other sleeping tablets after that and that's when a neurology referral had me diagnosed with blocked nerves in my brain.he told me at the time my body would pack up within a year if I didn't take the drugs he prescribed, so I did. The continuation of my problems can be read in earlier posts but I'm now wondering....could I have been going through early Hashimoto's then?

    I never had a machine back then to check my blood pressure or pulse and it probably wouldn't have occurred to me back then anyway to check my pulse at varying times.

    I had no idea that Hashimoto's could be so tricky to handle.

    IF, I'm going through a HYPER phase, if I go back on the Levothyroxine after this isotope test is done, won't that cause me to go even more hyper? I think my G.P. hoped by starting me early on the Levo it might keep my thyroid working a little bit longer for me and reduce any inflammation. No wonder doctors struggle with dealing with us as can't be easy when they have a moving target.

  • Yes.. an irregular heart rate/beat can be due to happens to me.

  • Don't disregard your feelings and worry about what Dr. thinks! If they are good Dr., they will be attentive to your needs! If not, find a better Dr.! I feel change in heart rate is from going hypo to hyper! You can fluctuate depending on your thyroid. Maybe even your diet. I would lessen any caffeine and eat healthier. Try to just walk. You control your pace. Get rest as best you can. I know I have trouble sleeping. Stress is big factor!! Can turn your thyroid up or down, very quickly! I know when mine acts up. I feel anxious, and pain in neck. I know this disease is trying on a person! I live with it every day. I don't eat 100% gluten free, but I do know, wheat just kills me! I try to eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Organics are best. It's hard when you have other issues combined. I'm thinking of trying acupuncture. It can't hurt! Don't stop looking for help! You owe it to yourself, to be and feel a better you!! Good luck in your journey and keep moving! :)

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