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Need more of an understanding of hormone/vitamin levels to help the thyroid?

There are many posts advising being tested for Ferritin, folate, B12, Calcium, Vit d3, Magnesium & zinc. I'm presuming ferritin is iron? I get confused between ferritin, folate and zinc? My main question is - I would appreciate some guidelines (I know they vary a bit around the country) as to what optimum level each mineral or hormone level should be at to keep the thyroid in good condition and help with Hashimoto's. Thank you.

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Ferritin is how much iron your body has stored where as an iron blood test will only show how much iron is in the blood so its the ferritin level that is important and this, for thyroid sufferers should be at about 70.

VitD should be over 75 - or in the sufficiant range.

Your B12 needs to be over 600 (range 190 - 950) and your folates also need to be in the upper two thirds of the range.

Your calcium levels should, ideally, be mid range as high calcium can be dangerous. Calcium that is out of range (either low or high) could indicate parathryoid troubles - a totally different matter altogether.

Please bare in mind that every lab has different ranges and the figures I have just quoted are on my labs ranges.

Moggie x


Ferritin must be at least 70 (13-150)




Vit d3



With exception of Calcium they must all be in the upper quadrant of their ranges ......................not just in the stupid NHS range

Its simple Without this your body cannot utilise levothyroxine but too few GPs or Endos will face the issue

Ferritin and Folate are indeed part of iron BUT must be tested separately iron etc has no relevance in what is needed for utilising levothyroxine


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