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Can anyone recommend a good private Endo in London/Middlesex who understands PTH?

Hi everyone

I hope you are having a good Christmas :-)

My friend's Mum had hyper para thyroid which she had removed by surgery. My friend is now suffering from a whole host of symptoms including raised calcium levels, Raynaud's syndrome, extreme tiredness, insomnia, coldness, lack of energy, slow metabolism, stomach problems and more.

She has been referred privately to an Endo but I know myself if you get the wrong one it can be disastrous so can anyone recommend one who is knowledgeable on para thyroid? If anyone had any additional thoughts, all comments welcome!

Many thanks


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I suffer with Hypoparathyroidism, mine is genetic not surgery induced.

You say your friends mum has had it removed.....what has been removed ?

It might help if your friend joins PTH uk she will then get useful info in the post.

If this friends mother has had thyroid surgery sometimes the parathyroid glands can get damaged leaving the patient with PTH.

We have four of these glands that sit on the corners of the thyroid gland.

If four some reason the parathyroid glands dont work properly we then cant store vit D this we need to be able store calcium in the body.........without it we become ill.

Now if your friends calcium is high it seems to me she is being over supplemented.........this needs to be monitered so she is at a reasonable level.

To much calcium is as bad as having to low.......she needs to learn about the sighns of being to high & to low.........this takes time to master.

She needs to drink plenty of water to try & protect her kidneys from the medication she now needs.

I see a consultant in Oxford.......but still struggle with regard to my health.........the Gps seem to struggle to understand this illness........so it becomes a battle.

Your dear friends mum needs to learn has much as she can about this illness.

I wish her luck with finding a good consultant . Jillymo x


Thanks so much for the replies. My friend's Mum had her parathyroid removed from what I understand and is now much better so she's hoping it will be as straightforward as a removal for her but we shall see!


Have PM'd you with someone who has a good reputation but is slightly out of your area - I would certainly travel to see this man.

Moggie x


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