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Can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist in London


I'm going to ask for a referral to an endocrinologist tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good one in London.

My TSH level is good and my T4 is at the bottom of the reference range. I would like to see someone whose not just going to fob me off saying I'm fine, but check me out properly.

Please start a 'conversation' with me if you prefer.


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Ive been to 3 different NHS consultants in London over the past year, 2 of which are apparently the foremost experienced Endocrinologists in the area (St Georges Hospital and Mayday University Hosital), but all of them dismissed my symptoms and denied I had the disease until my TSH was out of range and I was very very sick by then. The most senior of the 3 insists that most NHS endo consltants in this country are of the same opinion regarding treating the blood tests rather than the symptoms, and I think you'll find that its also the general consensus amongst the suferers. My mother saw someone at Guys (which I think is now the University College Hospital), and swears by them, but her TSH was well out of range by the time she was referred there, so Im not sure whether they would consider your symptoms alone.

Im sorry to be so negative but I dont think you'll have much luck on the NHS until your TSH is out of range. They are dinosaurs that need updating, but good luck. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong and give you the name of a worthwhile consultant. Goodness knows we all need one.

Take care and I hope you dont suffer for too long with your symptoms.



Thank you Sharon.

I was worried it would be like that - thanks for the heads up. I might just buy the medication myself and do a trial.

I'm surprised by their attitude. What about secondary or tertiary hypothyroidism - could these not very well result in a TSH that looks normal? Do these endocrinologists not run additional tests when you go to see them?

By the way, for anyone that's interested I also found this:



i was given T3 by Dr H clinic at UCH. My starting TSH when I was first referred was less than 1 and they took it down to 0.03 which my GP (to my surprise) described as "nicely suppressed".

Most (but not all) endos are prepared to trial T3 for patients who are not responding to thyroxine only treatment. I have no idea why this site seems often to be so negative. Some docs are not keen (and I now believe there are good reasons for this, see below), some are not great which I agree is very bad but we don't need to accept poor doctoring and can always switch practitioner when we know we are dealing with someone who's not very good), starting out with negative expectations is unlikely to help us.

I don't take T3 anymore. I initially thought it was helping me but after 2 years on it I was still not wholly right and my new endocrinologist (Dr J at the QEQM in Margate) suggested we reduce the dose, on the understanding I could go back on it if I didn't feel well. he was worried, as was I, that such a suppressed TSH could cause serious long term heart and bone problems. These are serious concerns which sites like this often seem to ignore or make light of. I don't want my bones to crumble or to have a heart attack!

Alongside reducing and subsequently cutting out T3, I ended up going gluten free and I honestly think that this has made a massive difference for me and wish I'd done it far sooner. It doesn't work for everyone but seems to help quite a few thyroid patients and I now feel is definitely worth a try for anyone prepared to make dietary adjustments.

On my journey back to (relative) wellness I also found that Vitamin D was a big factor for me.

I wouldn't say I had a great experience at UCH, the clinic seems pretty shambolic to be frank and I now feel that their willingness to put me on T3 may not have been the best thing for me, though I was desperate to try it at the time. M V and G W are the Endocrinologists in London who seem to be most well regarded by their peers and they have spoken at thyroid patient events I have organised in London. GW, as a thyroid and bones specialist, is very anti T3 treatment and apparently never prescribes it but I believe MV is more open to trying different options for patients who may need it. I also hear some good things about Barts and Kings endocrinology depts, I've heard that Kings willl talk to patients about gut health which I think is very interesting indeed though I haven't met anyone from there.

Anyone having difficulties with their doctor I suggest you show them the BTA treatment guidelines which state T3 can be prescribed in individual cases by an endocrinologist and if thyroxine treatment by GP is not making you feel better the GP should refer you and other causes should be investigated. I wish now I had been more interested in looking at other causes of my ongoing symptoms and less fixated on T3 treatment back in 2010.

I don't post on here often, last time I did I got shot down in flames by someone who seemed not to have heard what I was saying or the question that I was attempting to respond to, so I'm hoping that won't happen again. Thought I'd just share my experience and hope maybe it helps someone. You'll usually find me on my blog.




I wonder if you'd be good enough to post a link to the BTA guidelines you mentioned? (The ones I can find don't seem to be the right ones.)




Hello Lorraine, I know this is an old post, but could you pm me the names of the two endos in London you were referring to. I've seen a useless registrar at uclh, not even courtesy of proper endo for first (and only) apt - was due to see the 'main man' but got fobbed off with someone doing their 'stint' in Endo clinic 😤

Thanks, Tricia 😉

ps what's your blog name?


Hi Lorraine, I know this is an old post, but was reading about your recommendations for Endos in Central London. You have written names in code, above, as initials. Could you possibly PM me with the names and hospitals please? My doc has agreed to refer me to an Endo of my choice in Central London if I agree to do the research to find one that I feel would be sympathetic to a T3 trial. Thanks so much for your help! Deborah



I would also love to know of any thyroid specific doctors in London. My GP does not seem to want to look at any other possibilities for my hair falling out and general horrid feeling. I would be paying privately and therefore would want to ensure whoever I am seeing is not going to have the same outdate views as some GP's, or it would be a huge waste.



hello did you find any doctor.. as i just done my tests GP told me all is normal but my symptoms says i may have problem with thyroids.


I have just read all of your post and I agree I am being told by my gp that all levels are good but still no improvement on my symptoms and I am going to ask for Endo any tips please 🙂


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