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Can anyone recommend a good private Gynaecologist in the midlands?

I have a Uterine Fibroid and suspect I also have multiple ovarian cysts (PCOS - according to my blood tests), I am in quite a lot of pain (even now when I am writing this I cant sit because of pain). I can't seem to find a private Gynaecologist online who has any testimonials or reviews or even a web presence and I don't know anyone who has used one so I don't know where to look.

can anybody help please ?

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Hi I have known a wonderful one for about 30 years, my fourth, some are so smarmy! he is a thoroughly nice man. ,very senior in his profession., but, ( always a but ) he mostly is in oncology now and field he would refer you to some one very good and nice. There are some dreadful ones about!

If this is any use, send me a PM as names are not allowed on the open site. Just click on pretend picture ,on this!



Would you consider London? I had a huge fibroid (took up 90% of my womb cavity). I shopped around and came up with Tariq Miskry. He is one of the few who removes them hysteroscopically. I contacted his private office and he was kind enough to get me onto his NHS list.


Hi. After having fibroids removed the traditional way (cut it off with a major operation) they grew back a few years later (very devastating) and after investigating all the normal methods of fibroid removal I realised that they don't kill the blood supply to the fibroid, just cut it off like cutting off a dandelion but leaving the root so it grows again. I found a radiologist who was conducting uterine embolisation procedures for fibroids - at this stage it was still in trial but it made sense to me and seemed minimal risk compared to a big operation, it was minimally invasive and the fibroids have not grown back, 10 years or so later. The radiologist makes a small cut in your groin into an artery and feeds in a tiny tube which injects something near the fibroid to block off the blood supply to the fibroids which stops them growing. They then shrivel and die and are shed in the normal way like a period. The procedure is carried out whilst you are awake but sedated. No nasty scars or big operations. I'm so grateful to have found this procedure rather than go through a myomectomy again or even hysterectomy which was one of the other treatment options - no thanks. If you are interested PM me and I'll look up the details and forward them to you. All the best - I know how awful and debilitating fibroids can be.


Thank You Alit for your reply. Uterine Fibroids Embolization is best but is also very expensive and I do not have medical insurance. Do not work either.

I have found a very good radiologist in London that does this procedure but he charges £6 000.

Nhs Does not offer this.


Hi, thank you for sharing. I have been suffering with very large fibroids for over two years now. My womb is that of a 5 month pregnancy. I am currently fly in the waiting list for a laparoscopic myomectomy. I would prefer to have an even less invasive procedure. Please could you send me the details of where you had your procedure? Thank you.


My consultant was Dr Woodruff J Walker - he is a consultant diagnostic and interventional radiologist. The procedure is called a Uterine Artery Fibroid Embolisation. I had to stay very still for 2 hours after the op. Then had 2 weeks off work but some people can go back after a few days depending on how much pain they are in. You are given strong painkillers to take for a few days. The pain comes and goes and this is completely normal as it's the fibroid breaking down. I so wish I'd known about this procedure before having a horrible myomectomy which has scared me terribly and didn't work as the fibroids just grew back. My sister spotted a magazine article on a lady who had had the embolisation and sent it to me just as I was considering the suggested hysterectomy. Im SO SO glad I took this route. Plus no drugs apart from the painkillers afterwards. Look at this website You can see the procedure and read success stories. It explains it all. I have heard of people having this done on the NHS now. I urge you to push for this is you can. Please let me know how you get on.


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