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Anyone's immune system playing up?

It's been a while since I last posted, as I have been feeling relatively well on alternate 125/150 of Levo for about the last 6 months. However, suddenly over the past 4/5 weeks I have had two shockingly nasty colds (not Man flu, but heavy colds) both of which have taken me a long time to recover from. Currently wide awake with choking fit every 5 mins or so. Really starting to get me down. Sounds familiar to anyone? Any tips or by this rate next one is due over Christmas!

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Hi Extra infections can be a sign that your dose is insufficient. I would suggest a new test for TSH, T4 and Free T3. If GP unwilling ,on line. Only way to be sure.I find Echinacea, taken just when developing a cold etc and while suffering, very good. S good multivit and mineral is considered a must with thyroid disease too

I expect you have had the other tests associated with thyroid , fairly standard, should be done when first diagnosed. Vit D, ,hormonal, if low corrected calcium before treatment. Both B12+ foliates ( needs to be high in range) and diabetes, autoimmune hormonal. and also iron/ferritin. Need to be high in range.

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Must be the same cold as you ...second night wakening up with coughing fit but then I get panic attack and can't get back to sleep ...I too have been quite ill with viruses and flu type symptoms the last month but think we probably just catch everything easier than most people as our immune system not so good


Hooge doses of vitC (can cause diarrhoea, so cut back if it does). Cough mixture is an overpriced con. Drink hot water with plenty of honey and a wedge of lemon or slice of ginger. It helps sweat out the cold. I take a second glass to sip during the night. The honey is a natural antibacterial and 'oils' a ticklish throat in a way that plain water doesn't.

Hot drinks and soups ease congested breathing.


This may sound odd but this is the first winter I haven't had a cold (and all my family have - my husband had a cold that lasted weeks) and I normally get one first and get it worse than anyone else. Apart from eating a better diet this year and taking ALL the supplements suggested on here (Vit B12, Vit D etc.) the only other difference is that I am making sure I wash my hands frequently!! I don't mean the obvious times but at least 4 or 5 other times. I also carry a disinfectant hand spray around with me to use after going to a shop (change can carry germs) or using public transport. It may just be a coincidence but I am going to stick with it.


Hi again, Had a thought in the night. Try taking Zinc all the time. Years ago my daughter did her Masters degree in it. Most people low in it, it is a very safe mineral, helps to ward off infections.The only reliable test is a special, urine test.for it, not needed though.



I just love this forum! Thank you for all your replies so far. Going to take time today to read them and will respond later x


Hi I had a very bad year of infections with slow recovery each time when my vit D level was too low -have you had yours checked? Since boosting my vit D level -touch wood- i haven't had anything much -and the virus that does get through doesn't last for long -dare I say that!!!! Feel like I am asking for trouble now.....! Simple thing to check and to put right......... :) :)


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