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Hashimotos/ immune system

I just read something on Facebook about honey & cinnamon being a cure-all for almost everything including boosting the immune system. I have never officially been told I have Hashimotos (though my antibodies are approx 1600) but assume I have. So my question is, would honey/cinnamon be a bad idea? It's supposed to help with weight loss too so it's extra tempting!

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TPO antibodies at 1600? You def have Hashis!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm assuming you've been given some treatment and referred to an endo? The best thing you can do for hashis antibodies is go gluten (or even better grain) free and supplement with selenium 200mg a day.

Cinnamon is good yes, honey not so good, messes up blood sugar and is high carb - most of us need low carb.




I wasn't diagnosed until I asked for a consultation to Dr Skinner then suddenly it was decided I should be on medication after all! I'm currently on 100mcg of Levo. Taking matters into my own hands, I went gluten free in September last year and would never go back, not even when one of my friends who is currently planning a night out at a Chinese told me I should just eat what I want because it's Christmas!!


I don't think honey/cinnamon would be a bad idea but this link may give you some information as we can be low in many vitamins and minerals which are essential for good health.

This is re supplements:-


Thanks Shaws. I have seen the Thyroid Lifestyle site before - it's very good. As far as supplements are concerned, I take Evening Primrose oil, Omega 3, silica, vitamin E and something called Fruitflow which is supposed to be good for the heart. I have a few Brazils every day for Selenium and I have tried Biotin and B12 but both gave me acne. I am a little wooly about Magnesium/Calcium. I used to take huge doses of Magnesium for constipation but could never quite work out if I should be taking Calcium or not? I tend not to have too many dairy products as I feel better without them.


I think you're doing very well with your supplements. See this re Vit C (I take powdered mixed with water).


Hi Infomaniac - if you do take calcium for bone density, take a 2:1 calcium-magnesium ratio combined with Vit K so that the calcium goes into your bones and not into your arteries and soft tissues. Some sources even say take equal amounts of calcium and magnesium, as the latter is vital for muscle function and so also for regular heart function. Recommended amounts vary from 500 mg to 1200 mg of supplemented calcium. More than 500 mg at a time is not absorbed and personally I find 1200 mg of calcium supplements throughout the day rather too high. Best to get a lot from the diet: drinks with added calcium and dried fruits such as prunes and apricots.


I use Magnesium oil most nights to help me sleep but have no idea how much of that actually goes into my system so it's a bit difficult to work out how much calcium to take. Maybe I should just try and get as much from my diet as possible?


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