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New results. 2 thyroid flagged as out of range. Can anyone tell me if I'm hyper or hypo lol? Also panicking red blood count slightly high?

Hello! Long wait to see endo so dr agreed to print bloods. Anyone tell me if I'm hyper/hypo?! Graves in remission? Also two of the blood counts were flagged, anyone ever had that?

TSH <0.05mIU/L RANGE 0.4-5.0

FREE T4 12pmol/L 9-19

FREE T3 6.1 pmol/L 2.6-5.7

Now I'm concerned because my I had a couple of others flagged out of range. I'm very anxious at the mo and these were out. Any ideas if this could be thyroid related?

RED BLOOD CELLS 5.14 range 3.8-4.8

Mean Cell Hemoglobin 26.5 range 27-32

I'm hoping that's nothing because the red blood is only slightly high. I am such a wimp I was shaking reading that result was off xx

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I'd say you were hyper. Doesn't look like Graves' is in remission with your low TSH & high FT3. Has your GP prescribed anything?

BTW it your RIGHT to have copies of your medical tests and not a favour while you wait to see an endo.

Can't help with RBC but by all means discuss with your GP. Funnily enough, the phlebotomist I saw Monday said the vaccuum pumps they use now are much less likely to bend blood cells out of shape and give hooky results.

The recent assay I had flagged up most things abnormal. Just means high or low out of lab range. Nothing to panic about but no reason not to get the GP to explain what's what :)


Hi Yes you could be, or just overdosed when Hyper, symptoms can be identical to Hypo,, mine were, not sure if you are on treatment or not,makes a huge difference.If not then definitely Hyper, but the reason could be several things.

.FBC could not be considered high enough by a doctor.I expect the GP will just want to slightly reduce your thyroid meds,if on them. If he does, have another recheck in 6 weeks.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie, I have Graves' waiting for surgery on 5mg carbimizole every other day. My main symptom seems to be this fatigue I just can't shake it :( Even before I was medicated I never felt this tired x


Hi I see, going by the bloods Worth having a specific ferritin/iron test, also a vit D, if low, corrected calcium.Also have the Diabetes levels checked, very similar symptoms. I expect it is all the Graves, but easy to assume by docs etc if something wrong to blame every thing on it., then not every thing may be. Some meds can make you feel so tired.

My Endo always says take the best vit and mineral supplement, check as all different.

You will need all these tested again post surgery and often the first year, hormones all over the place.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie that's great. I'm off to the dr now so ill ask him if I can have those bloods taken today. My endo doesn't seem interested as he says I'm having the surgery anyway.

Thanks again x


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