The wrong sort of bells and a pre Chrismas huff!

This week and the last has had the wrong sort of bells attached. Everything was trundling along fairly nicely when another infection hit me, I am grateful, that on the LDN and D Mannose, that I am having a vastly reduced number of incidents, however this one has hit hard. Antibiotics make me very ill due to my over active immune system, so was put on the only one which I don't react to, which immediately brought me out in unappealing red splotches and psoriasis, and to add to the indignation, left the infection still in place. I am of course still on Dr BDP's Nutri Thyroid and Nutri Adrenal Extra and am over due writing again, so need slapped festive wrists.

Yesterday, having charmed my way past a vacuous receptionist in a rapidly sought out GP surgery, who only knew two words, these being 'yes' or 'no', I managed with wild gesticulations to get her to only say 'yes'. I was ushered into to see a nurse practitioner. All receptionists at this particular surgery are very good, so where this one had come from is anybody's guess, but not the same planet as me. I find it most disconcerting when people can speak without any expression on their face and without moving their mouths. I might add that in the first place I had moved heaven and earth to attend the GP surgery for an appointment with my daughter, only to find that we had turned up one week early, but I realized that I had to grab the opportunity for myself. Despite the state I was in, I felt a terrible urge to download footage from YouTube involving famous ventriloquists and their dummies. Any likeness to our current education minister and the footage of 'Archie' is merely a coincidence that may have been spotted by myself at the dead of night when unable to sleep:

The last one I met at the hospital, nurse practitioner, rather than a ventriloquist's dummy,had a pair of glasses welded onto the end of her nose and was most officious about nothing, and iIhad to eclipse her advice by issuing her with a some medical papers and a book to read. However this one was good and I was quickly got rid of in order to be dealt with by a senior GP. Last night I had to be put on an antibiotic which I know causes me to have swollen hands and feet due to the infection being treated. I can feel them working, and I am taking very strong anti allergy pills alongside, but I am now left with three finger tips to type and am bright red in colour from head to toe, a full itchy and scratchy show is imminent. I shall celebrate this lovely status by indulging myself with a two hour Jacuzzi bath topped up with two whole packets of dead sea bath salts and magnesium with a splattering of lavender oil.

My house meanwhile is in a state of flux, our neon acid green hall is now a sort of home buyer's sour milk colour with polished mirrors and tasteful pictures.. All things that we did prefer were loaded into a large cardboard box with accompanying snorts of indignation, both from myself and him. The rest of the rooms are about to happen, the kitchen will go a light snobs grey next week and all other areas, toned down to a boring state of affairs, however it will fit with my plans to do continuous open views... once my own personal drug induced unappealing colour scheme tones down. I know how to do that gliding about middle class entertaining thing... although I can't ever maintain appearances or indeed behave for that long, my transition from Margo Leadbetter to Waynetta Slob are legendary. especially with alluring mulled wine.

I am trying to keep things jolly in the house for the children, there is always alarm when I stop using knives to chop vegetables due to being unable to grip them and move onto a large handled machete, but such is life. My roasted butternut squash, with thyme, beans and red onions, solved many things last night. It was time for me to cook anyway, as my eldest has been staying and spoiling me with lavish lunches.. - Christmas is coming, Mary is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat etc.

The upside of my new huge hands that don't work is that HE will have to wrap all the presents.. they are piled up in the hall and in the way... and I need to have the house set up early for the open house, looking all festive and tasteful.. He mentioned that perhaps we do not need any fairy lights this time around, however I have already arranged those.. a shimmering ultra violet teeth on edge set at the front, and a neon pink hedge, (low key pink twinkles) at the back. Also a lollipop shaped bush on a long stem, outside my kitchen door, courtesy of a plumb stone lobbed from a great height years back, looks particularly nice with tiny white lights and one of my daughters rather ghastly baby dolls from years ago, sprayed silver wearing inappropriate clothing. Surrounded by a fairly tasteless application of over sized baubles rescued from out of date shop displays, which I demand access to in the local town after each Christmas.. I may well have more junk to display. When living in London my husband and I could not stop rummaging in skips, and most of my old flat was furnished with things I found. In fact somewhere in my deep and distant past remains a photograph of myself in central London sitting on top of a skip actually astride a camping loo somebody had discarded, I just could resist the photo opportunity.

My next door neighbours were we reside currently, are very very organized and they have been also preparing to move house, I have to stop my husband several times a day from going and rummaging in the skip they have outside their house, they do appear to be throwing some very good things away, but not to our taste, so why do we need them, seeing as we are de-junking. Any mention of this brings on, 'shoosh dear', this is very useful etc.

My highlight of this week beyond my lovely children and family in general was with my weekly afternoon slot of looking after my mates autistic child, we did not bother with the sheet music this week from school, and I found as I played one finger blues on the piano, with my son doing similar on another piano, that this child has a very good ear and pitch and was happy to busk along with great ease. I think he is a natural musician and who could resist such a project. I also taught him how to do still life with piles of bizzare objects and fruit, and to see his excitement of unlocking 3D was great. Children are a tonic, and they charge up my batteries!

MaryF x

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Sorry to hear you're not well, hopefully soon be on the mend. I agree that children are indeed a tonic. Whenever I'm feeling blue a good dose of grandchildren works wonders :-) x

Have a lovely week-end. Mary F x

Wishing you better soon. Selling houses is such a pain, We too neutralising, but dirt rather than paint! I smell of a lovely aroma of bleach. I do hope your open house sessions go well and you find a buyer soon. It is so awfully tiresome being polite to people traipsing through ones home, and staying polite is quite a challenge! Children are such a tonic, and music has no barriers. My youngest jammer was an eleven month boy who loved plucking my base guitar! X

Neutralize, it sounds as if it should be quarantined in Doctor who as Dalek speak! Mary F x


You never fail to amaze me, you have all these illnesses and yet you find time for everyone. You are an inspiration Mary x

Ta. life is for is not as if I can queue up for a refund for faulty product! Mary F x

Poor you - and you still have your lovely sense of humour too. I hope you realise now that there is a silver lining to all that boring beige and tasteful (to some) magnolia etc after all - at least now your house has been 'toned down', when you have your open viewings even if you are still glowing, you are not going to clash with the walls.

I must say having the tastefully decorated tree with beautifully wrapped parcels on display is nothing short of a stroke of genius.

Seriously though, hope you get better soon. x

Cheers love, until then I will content myself with gnawing on a couple of sticks. Mary F x

The do realise don't you that your reward for all the neutralising of this house will be that you can start all over again with a bright new colour palette when you get to your next house.

Yes.. in my mind's eye the next one has already been brought to life! MaryF x

Ah happiness is having someone to love, something to do and and something to look forward to :-)

Very funny blog, apart from the fat hands, allergies and red bits soon to be itchy. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Thanks, love from the itchy and scratchy show. Mary F x

Lovely funny chat as usual Mary - was a bit confussed about our Julie, now I understand (took me 3 attempts in my present state of mist) I never took you for a Steven (Seagull - tip, skip?). I had a lovely yellow bedroom and was very sad at the prospective buyers' comments,some folk just don't recognise good taste when staring them in the eye! Are you moving south for the winter? J :D

Instead of the mouth of an estuary.... nearer the top of it.....MaryF x

I suppose one can get bored of the sea (I wouldn't!) xx

Bored.. ... of endless trips to hospital and GP, all miles away, three hospitals in London and one out two of my children unwell! So to live near the station inland makes sense all round! MF x

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