running out of nDt and sort to panicking

ho folks my husband is having real problems getting my naturethroid order done,we get it from canada. His account was hacked last time and worn order using that system he was given a nit her payment method but it wont accept his credit card mhe can't get anyone to answer his calls or further emails. i am worried now i shall run out ,if i do what willie do to me to temporarily go back on levo. i feel so very ill now that the thought of it really makes me afraid.I gate to sound so gloomy sure order will go through soon but i need to know in case i run out.

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  • I'll PM you with a source.

  • thank you

  • Most of the online pharmacies won't take credit cards now - the credit card companies get very twitchy about people using their cards to buy drugs, even if they're health-enhancing drugs.

    But at least one of the online pharmacies has a UK bank account you can pay directly into and the others let you use money services like Orbit Remit and Western Union. Not too scary once you've done it the first time.

  • we tried orbit but when my husband tried to log on it said we already have an account for you please log out so we are still no further on.

  • Use a different computer - or a different browser. That might ensure they don't realise you already have gone through setting up an account.

  • poor hubby is staying up toll midnight to try to phone pharmacy direct,if not he might do as you suggest,there is no way i am not going to run out now,i guess i shall just have to go back on levo

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