Carb cravings! Anyone else having them?

I don't know if it's the clocks going back or if my t3 has failed me, but I'm eating carbohydrates like someone is going to take them away from me. I've used up virtually an entire big bag of polenta this week. Made some cakes to bring to my book group tonight and I could find myself sending my regrets and sitting down with the whole box to myself. Then again I was given a box of chocolates for my birthday and they are untouched. This is a very specific craving that doesn't include chocolate..

This is not my usual state of affairs - I'm pretty moderate with all kinds of foods - but in the past I have had irresistible carb cravings when hypo.

Also struggling more than ever to get out of the house. I haven't been out on my own in over a week.

I've got the SAD light box out just in case it is a seasonal thing, but so far no change.

If I stockpile bread and potatoes, lock the doors and get in bed with a hot water bottle, would someone please give me a knock in the spring? :-)

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  • A whole loaf is soda bread this week - and can't remember last time I ate bread! Wonderful! So far no ill effects...

  • If you're going to get a craving, the least you can do is enjoy satisfying it (or trying to anyway)! As long as it's not destructive (drugs, alcohol, etc) it is one of the great pleasures of life.

  • I think its a hypo thing....i crave chocolate really badly when im not feeling great, well any sugar really. ;)

  • I had such a sweet tooth growing up - runs in the family really - but now I just want straight stodge! So I'm not touching the chocolate in the house, but give me some mash or a scone...

  • I'm with Gracie craving Chocolate biscuits cakes all the time lol it's bad .... What causes that?

  • craving choc is usually a sign of low magnesium levels.

  • Interesting. The only time I crave chocolate is just before my period. I wonder if this means that I'm low on magnesium when I'm premenstrual.

  • Most definetly. Most people are low in mag, especially woman and more so when in menopause and it you are hypothyroid. We lose magnesium because of the stress on the body with hypothyroidism, and when that happens, our muscles get more tense, and then we get more fatigued.

  • Someone told me that it has something to do with seratonin or dopamine. A long time ago when I was on antidepressants, my doctor changed my prescription and suddenly there was a specific type of biscuit I had to have. I would fight off the craving all day until moments before the shops would shut and I'd be off like a shot to buy them. I gained a lot of weight unforch.

  • For some reason sugar and chocolate aren't really part of my problem, but cheesy polenta or mash, cereal, plain cake, anything quite stodgy is what I'm after. It's like someone flicked a switch and suddenly I can't get enough.

  • Hello puncturedbicycle,

    Very funny post - thankyou. it made me smile this early morning - I don't know if it is a hypothyroid thing, as I don't have a hypothyroid diagnosis, just CFS and hypoglycaemia etc, but I recognise the seasonal shift you are describing. I eat far more millet and polenta, gluten free bread etc, etc when the cold sets in. I also eat more generally when I am feeling low and more tied to the homestead than I care to be/should be. I am trying to up my protein intake to try and balance things out and stop the comfort eating. But, boy, you have to be one helluva strict disciplinarian to resist these mass carbo urges, and I am so not :)

  • Yes, it feels impossible tor resist, and impossible to satisfy the craving!

    It's interesting that you mention being tied to the homestead. Agoraphobia is a big problem for me right now. I was fine this summer/early autumn, but suddenly it's a real issue. I know it affects my vit D and I wonder how it's all related (the agoraphobia, suddenly feeling like my t3 is no longer helping me, carb craving, low D levels etc).

  • I've been having bad carb cravings since I started taking t3, my endo suggested I take some iron supplements.

  • Oh wow, I never made that connection. I have been on t3 since April or May and I'm supposed to raise my dose. I hope that doesn't make it *worse* - !!

  • Ive read that your body needs carbohydrate to help convert T4 to T3. Perhaps thats an issue? Selenium is an important mineral for this conversion. Do you take a multi mineral supplement? Also Vitamin D is important fir thyroid health. Could the colder weather explain why youve gone hypo, some people need more thyroxine in winter.

  • I wondered if it was somehow related to the sudden lack of light (not a scientific suspicion, based on nothing more than casual observation) after the clocks went back. It hadn't become significantly colder yet, though who knows how that works so I guess that could be part of it. I take about a dozen supplement capsules every day (guided by my doctor), incl a multi, Bs, D, omegas, DHEA, 5HTP, adrenal/thyroid support, L-tyrosine etc.but I did take a break because they're so harsh on my stomach, so I'm only recently back on them.

    Thanks for the comments. I'll read up on selenium and I'll check what the mineral element is in my daily multi. .

  • Im almost 76 years old, and I actualy eat a whole "tear & share " garlic bread and Im ashamed afterwards......I know I over eat since becoming hypo...but not terribly overweight considering..... Try so hard to say "that's enough" but tummy wont listen.....

  • Yes, sometimes it is hard to put down food that you're craving beyond reason. I'm not really worried about it because I'm normally okay - not really compulsive - so I expect when I get my ducks in a row it will all level out. But truly, to make a huge bowl of something stodgy and then to see the bowl almost empty later that evening... I can't believe how much I can eat and not register it when I'm in the grips of this craving.

  • Never mind love....big is beautiful.....NOT !

    It makes you huff & puff.....

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