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Although officially only diagnosed last year, I probably have had Hashi's for as long as I have been hypo, i.e. 30 years. As GP and Endo are not very interested in the state of my thyroid I am considering a -private - thyroid ultra sound scan. The one place near me, Medical Ultrasound,in Glasgow, however, do no longer offer thyroid scans due to the lack of a radiographer. Does anyone know of any other place in the Edinburgh/Glasgow area? Any ideas what kind of prices I should expect and will I have to have a GP referral? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  • Hi Elke, it seems obvious to me that if you have a sick thyroid, it would be scanned as part of the diagnostic process. If you have a sick heart, liver, or virtually any other body part, you are routinely offered a scan. I have never understood why it is not done for the thyroid. However, a picture of the thyroid will show what it looks like, or even if it exists at all, but not necessarily how it functions. If you manage to get one done, try and make sure the person interpreting it know what they are looking for.

  • I had an USS done in Harley St it cost 300 pounds.

  • Thank you, did you see an endo first? Where did you have it done?

  • John Lynn Endocrine surgeon, I did a direct referral. He also does biopsies, blood tests etc.

  • Sorry forgot to say that I just rang him up and made an appointment for a few days later. He ordered bloods, a ultra sound scan etc. 9 Harley St London. He may recommend someone closer to where you live.

  • Thank you for your comments. I guess I would quite like to find out how atrophied my thyroid is after decades of not knowing that hashimoto is the cause of me being hypo. And you are right, I have had my stomach investigated, my colon, etc. But my thyroid is ignored, despite symptoms and not feeling well. I also think it doesn't get investigated because we still live in a sexist, patriachal society. Symptoms that effect mostly women, (more often than not perimenopausal women), which are not immediately life threatening but effect the quality of life tend not to get the attention. I think it is incredibly short sighted as a lot of money and resources went into my health care in the past when the root of the problem was somewhere else. Sites like these do help, though. Thanks again.

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