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Still do not have a GP


I still have not got a GP - i have tried NHS England - Healthwatch - Age Concern and CCG and they just do not want to know - i even phoned the surgery near me that are taking on new patients and they said i was outside their catchement area yet again - they are not even a mile from my house and it takes six minutes for me to drive there. My laser did not go to well - my eyes are still watering and i have to go back to Moorfields - at least they give me the drops that i need to put in my eyes. I have put on a stone in weight in spite of not eating much - my tummy is bloated and painful and my IBS is at it's worst ever - my back is killing me and my legs are so swollen now - i do not know if that is because of my one kidney which has been at stage three now for sometime - i am wondering if it has progressed to stage four - as i am awake most of the night passing extreem amounts of urine and it is very dark in colour and is offensive (sorry) for that information - but there is no else to ask about these things as i live alone and rarely see anyone. I hope every one is getting back to good health and would appreciate any input - thank you all. PS - i am having some private bloods done - who is the best for this?? - thank you.

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Were you not happy with Medichecks who you have previously used? The two labs recommended here are Medichecks and Blue Horizon. Medichecks tend to come out slightly cheaper but they are on a par as they both use accredited labs and their service is good.

xeena in reply to SeasideSusie

Hi there Seasidesusie - oh yes i was - but they keep telling me that i have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol - i do neither - when i ask them why they do not have any real answer - so i thought that i might try elsewhere and yes i have also tried Blue Horizon - i will toss a coin and choose that way - thank you for your reply.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to xeena

Best thing to do is not ask for doctor's comments. They will be along the same lines as any NHS doctor anyway, and you'll get better interpretation of results here!

Have you tried the NHS CHOICES GP search?

sorry if you have and I'm being obvious. 😊

xeena in reply to fibrolinda

Hi there - yes i have tried everything i can find on the internet and also asking around. My problem is that i am disabled and have to use crutches - i have a blue badge and can normally park on yellow lines or disabled bays - the doctors near where i live do not have car parks and most are on red route - the only one who has got disabled bays close by will not accept me - and the others that are close by tell me that i am outside their catchement area - i have been told to park in multi storey car parks - but it is still a pain trying to get accross the busy main roads that are all one way and very busy as i cannot move very fast as i have osteoarthritis and fybromyalgia and cannot walk far because my limbs give out on me. Thank you so much for your input - i really do appreciate it. Keep well.

Valarian in reply to xeena

I would try writing to your MP.

I don't know where you live obviously but do you have community transport of some sort in your area. Usually volunteer drivers who pick you up and assist you if needed then take you home again.


xeena in reply to fibrolinda

Thank you fibrolinda - i will look on the computer and see what i can find. Keep well.

fibrolinda in reply to xeena

Best of luck 🙂 The community transport in my area costs £5 a year to register, not used so do not know cost of individual trips I'm afraid but very sure it's not expensive and it its meant for people just like you.

Thankyou for the reply - i have rung the MP and am waiting for a reply - it was Blue Horizon that said i should stop smoking and drinking because of my Gamma GT being high and the fact that i have liver disease caused by all the medication i was on over the last thirty years. I will look into community transport - i did not realize that there was something like that and they will not let me go to a doctor who is outside of the catchement areas even though it is only just outside - it is approx 0.9 of a mile and takes six minutes by car to the nearest surgery to me. They know what is wrong with me as it is all in my medical records - i have the copies of them - i cannot make my own diagnosis - i only know what i have been told by doctors in the past - the one thing they did not like is me getting private tests and they just ignored them - it was because of the doctors ignoring my symptoms of pernicious anemia and vitamin D deficiency that i moved house in the hope of finding a good doctor. Have a nice day.

Do you have the TaxiCard service where you live? If it’s only a mile it should cost you minimum fare minus the 30% off the scheme entitled you to. So hopefully under £10 for s round trip. Explain to the surgery that you can register with and ask them to call you back with the information you need to register etc. So it saves you having to waste trips if you are unaware of something you need to bring.

I would write to the first surgery and ask for a written explanation of why you are not in their catchment area. Explain your issues with Parking etc. The practice manager may be more helpful. Receptionist can have tunnel vision when sticking to the rules.

Get things in writing and send to your MP. Do not take no for an answer. And do not be afraid to challenge negative replies.

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