Can someone please help with my recent results from blood test? - I am on 50mg levo & was told to stay on this amount as no need to raise

I copied this down from print out :

Serum TSH 0.01 mU/L 0.38 - 4.70

Serum Free T4 21 pmol/L 10 - 23

Serum Free T3 8.2 pmol/L 2.8 -7.1

As of 5/10/12 note change of FT3 method to Roche.

Note change of FT3 reference range

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Your results could show you are overmedicated. You t3 is over range which is not a good idea.

Although some people like their tsh and t4 to be at the extreme ends of the ranges it is always advised that t3 should be kept in range.

You don't need a higher dose as your results are now. If you have symptoms they are most likely due to over replacement.

Ok thank you, my GP just said carry on taking same dose & go back in 8 weeks for blood check

Hi I also think over medicated, When I was overdosed by a doctor, I was very ill but all the same Hypo symptoms, this can happen. I would reduce just a little, on my own, have 50mcg one day and 25 mcg alternated days, for a bit , and see!You may find that you need to go up again after a while, but go by the blood results, T3 can be dangerous over range.

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Thank you Jackie, I find it worrying that my own GP did not advise me to do this, as still feel terrible, so tired all the time & aching. I am also waking up all though the night, then find it hard to wake for work in the morning. I also mentioned total loss of libido - she actually asked me if I still fancied him & if it bothered me at my age as there are more important things in life - I am only 54!

Oh dear! I would suggest a new GP, but actually you probably would not do any better. it also sound as if ageist,at 54! I am really old and very ill, but have not been written off by hospitals, docs etc! GP`s are not good on thyroid or diagnosis, unless very lucky. Common , does not mean simple!

Also make sure you have had the other tests needed with thyroid, especially vit D, , hormonal, corrected calcium before treating with D Re test after 3 months for them both. B12 + foliates, needs to be high in range, Diabetes, these are both autoimmune hormonal, annual tests for all . Also iron/ferritin, needs to be clearly in range, simple tests all blood..

I would also keep an eye on your thyroid tests, yourself, if GP will not do enough, on line.

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