Wockhardt or Actavis?

I started on 50mg Actavis a few weeks ago but was getting palpitations after 3 weeks so I stopped altogether. Could be due to ferritin level at 5, which I have now managed to get up to 14 and still taking iron tablets. B12 also below range, so I've been taking supplements for that. Started some herbal tablets for thyroid recently which have been giving me tons of energy, but don't seem to be losing weight. So, now I've started back on 25mg a day, which is a different brand (Wockhardt). I went to the GP today and asked her for some more of the 25mg, been on them for 2 days, she prescribed me the Actavis again and said I can break them in half. Why would she do that? Is it a cost issue? Even the pharmacist couldn't understand it and said they are not easy to break. This GP originally prescribed the Actavis for me a few months ago, a locum then prescribed me the lower dose when I started experiencing palps, so I had both in stock at home. I see the Wockhardt contains sucrose as well as lactose. I'm confused and not sure what to do now. Any advice on brands? Do they all contain lactose and sucrose? Am I better off sticking with Wockhardt ( started 2 days ago) or breaking the Actavis in half. I'm reluctant to mix brands too much after being on one for a while. I have an appointment with the other GP anyway next week so can ask her to prescribe the Wockhardt if I think appropriate.

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  • I fail to see how tablet splitting is in your interest for something taken long term .Surely you can't be guaranteed a 50/50 split consistently?

    The only thing I can confidently tell you is that Mercury Pharma Eltroxin is available in three strengths.....25 50 and 100 mcgs.however, your GP would have to stipulate Eltroxin on your prescription....MP ingredients.....sodium citrate,lactose,

    maize starch,acacia powder,magnesium stearate and purified water. Hope this might help.

  • Thank you. Is MP eltroxin the same as levothyroxine?

  • You might find it worth reading these two links:



    Mercury Pharma Eltroxin is currently NOT available.


  • My GP still has to put Eltroxin on my prescription in order to get Mercury Pharma.

  • Yes. .......Levothyroxine Sodium.

    Just remember that if your GP doesn't put Eltroxin on your prescription you will be given what ever the Pharmacist has in stock. I've never had Wockhardt so don't know anything about it.I've had Actavis but don't think they do 25 mcgs. hence the tablet splitting !

  • Many of us can get whichever of the available levothyroxine makes we wish by asking our pharmacists. Often they will record our preferences and make sure we get it each time.

    This means that any change is possible simply by discussion with a pharmacist and does not require a prescription to be changed. That can be tedious and causes delay.

    However, not all pharmacies/pharmacists are as obliging as the best ones so this might not be universally possible.


  • That is useful information ..thanks.

    I have been on the same Levo for some considerable time however,during the summer when Eltroxin wasn't stated on my repeat prescription I was given Actavis and when I questioned my pharmacist he told me it was because my GP hadn't put Eltroxin on the form.......( a mistake)

    I have just checked my latest repeat prescription form and it has Eltroxin stated on the first item.

    My repeat prescriptions have to go to surgery first to be signed and I have to put a "C " on it so they know that I will pick it up downstairs in the Chemist.......obviously a different system.

  • If your B12 is actually below range, then I would have hoped and expected that you would get injections. You should not be allowed to remain that low on B12 for extended periods as the nerve damage that causes is cumulative and irreversible.


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