Anyone has moved from Mercury Pharma to Actavis & Wockhardt -

Hi, has anyone switched from MP 50mcg & 25mcg to Actavis/Almus 50 and Wockhardt 25mcg (I'm on alternating dose c.94mcg a day average)? I tried 3 pharmacies on Friday but no one has MP in stock and one chemist is trying to get me some but said it is not so easy to specify it (apparently actavis and teva are easier to...). I've now run out of my MP and went back to Actavis 100mcg tabs (chopping when needing less than 100), which weren't so good for me and starting to feel unwell on them again (although maybe my dose has been a bit to high too).

What were your impressions when moving to Actavis 50 and wockhardt 25 compared to MP?

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  • Sybilla14,

    MP doesn't suit me and I felt better on Actavis &/or Wockhardt. It doesn't matter what other people's experiences on Actavis and Wockhardt are if you feel better on MP. Concordia may be able to help you with stockists

  • Thank you Clutter. I know these things are so personal and we react differently I just wondered if anyone's experience may have been extreme. I seem to be having issues with the Actavis 100mcg (even when not taking the full tablet) but think I was ok on Actavis 50mcg. Waiting for the pharmacist I'm getting desperate as I've run out of the MP I have been using lately (and having to take the Actavis 100mcg) and wonder if I should give Actavis 50 and wockhardt a go instead, just worried of having an adverse reaction to the combo.

  • Sybilla14,

    Wockhardt has less fillers than the other brands so it is worth trying Actavis 50mcg and Wockhardt 25mcg to see how you do until you can get MP. Do trying contacting Concordia, other members have found them helpful in sourcing MP.

  • Personally I didnt do well on activis or mercury pharma, I am on Wockhardt. I think they must use sugar as a base as the tablets taste sweet.

  • I haven't noticed any taste to them - I take them in the middle of the night when I'm asleep😉What dose are you on? I'm taking close to 100mcg daily but when I asked my gp for a different mix of tabs to avoid the 100mcg he was only able to give me 56 days worth of 50 and 25 so I won't be able to do a repeat prescription when I run out (as the system is set to 56 days I believe). On wockhard 25 I would need to get a new prescription every two weeks... Or is my gp doing something wrong? I like it that wockhardt hasn't got so many fillers - the thought of eating so many different chemicals daily is a bit scary.

  • I'm on 100mcg a day. I am lucky that I get my repeat scrips delivered by Boots, because I used to run out. Maybe you couod try that. I read on their website that MHRA doesnt like people with chronic illnesses on 28 day prescriptions, for reasons of peace of mind and continuity of treatment.

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