Problems with Actavis

Hello to everyone, I didn't realise that Teva had acquired Actavis until I read about it on here yesterday. Anyway, I have been taking Actavis quite happily until a couple of weeks ago, when I started on a new strip of 50mcg Actavis tablets with an expiry date of 3/2018, when I started noticing some strange symptoms. I've not been feeling quite right, with a dry mouth( which I never have) sore skin , brain fog in the evening & awful headaches from time to time. Yesterday was the final straw after having endured a 2 day migraine type headache , I started wondering what was going on, when I read on here how another member had suffered similar symptoms with Teva Levo & I then began to question if maybe Teva had messed about with Actavis, although I haven't had any problems in the past or read about anyone else having any. Today I took my usual dose but used some Wockhardt Levo left over & I felt completely different. Strange thing was though, that it felt like it does when you have a dose increase with Levo. This then makes me question the potency of the Actavis. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


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Teva didn't reformulate Actavis, they sold it onto Accord. See Helvella's post in

As far as I'm aware Actavis has not been reformulated.

It is possible that you have bad batch so report it via MHRA yellow card and if a number of people have the same experience it will be investigated. Make sure you get a different batch when you get your next prescription filled.

Ok, thanks for your help Clutter.


Hi clutter

Do,you know please the fillers in activis

J x


Anhydrous Levothyroxine Sodium

Lactose, Magnesium Stearate, Maize Starch, Stearic Acid, Pregelatinised Maize Starch

The PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) for Actavis Levothyroxine 50micrograms and 100micrograms tablets can be viewed online here:

Thanks a lot

I've noticed post below saying it isn't reformed since 2012 but in the link it's says oct 17.


Where does it say that? It says the leaflet was last revised in Feb 2017.

SORRY. Yes I'm wrong Feb

Helleva has sent text below, says it's MARCH

Updated. Not reformed


Use this link:

Lists all changes to the Patient Information Leaflet for Actavis levothyroxine 100 microgram tablets from 2006 up to latest version.

Updated on 16-03-2017 and displayed until Current

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change to section 5 - how to store or dispose

Change to section 6 - date of revision

Updated on 25-06-2014 and displayed until 16-03-2017

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change to section 1 - what the product is

Change to section 1 - what the product is used for

Change to section 2 - what you need to know - warnings and precautions

Change to section 2 - interactions with other medicines, food or drink

Change to section 3 - how to take/use

Change to section 4 - possible side effects

Updated on 19-11-2012 and displayed until 25-06-2014

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change to Further Information section

Updated on 25-08-2010 and displayed until 19-11-2012

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change/addition of instructions for reconstitution and/ or administration

Updated on 19-06-2008 and displayed until 25-08-2010

Reasons for adding or updating:

Transfer to upgraded management system

Updated on 12-03-2008 and displayed until 19-06-2008

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change due to user-testing of patient information

Updated on 31-10-2007 and displayed until 12-03-2008

Reasons for adding or updating:

Company name change or merger

Updated on 31-07-2007 and displayed until 31-10-2007

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change to Marketing Authorisation Holder

Updated on 07-07-2006 and displayed until 31-07-2007

Reasons for adding or updating:

Change to warnings or special precautions for use

Updated on 22-06-2006 and displayed until 07-07-2006

Reasons for adding or updating:

Correction of spelling/typing errors

Updated on 15-06-2006 and displayed until 22-06-2006

Reasons for adding or updating:

New PIL for eMC ie a PIL for an existing product but one that is new to the eMC

Thank you so much!!!!

I'm gathering that acacia is in teva and mercury, not wardhart and activist, wardhart has one less filler than activism

Therefore I'm now questioning my cataargh with wardhart but when you read another with the same symptom it does spur you on to think it's the tablet causing it, and I never ever get that any,prom usually

I have hay fever so reckon acacia isn't good for this

I contacted Activis in August as I was unwell on a batch back in June/July. They said it had not been reformulated since around 2012 (can't remember exact date). One thing to bear in mind is that Levothyroxine has in the past not kept its potency to the expiry date. Although this has been less of a problem recently, it could still have deteriorated due to storage conditions.

I would report it through the yellow card system as Clutter suggests because it's the only way to help maintain quality of levothyroxine for everyone.

Thanks Nanaedake, I did wonder if it was a bit close to the expiry date but thought there was enough time left on the tabs. My daughter gave them to me as I was running a bit low.I have reported them to the yellow card system as advised by Clutter. Hopefully it won't happen again. Actavis has always been pretty good.


Their customer service dept are good I've found.

That's helpful, thank you. I might get in touch


I haven't had any problems with my Actavis tabs.

I didn't previously, but I have to say this episode has unnerved me a bit. Anyway have reported it to the yellow card system. Hopefully it won't happen again.


Well I hope there isn't any change in them because they are the only make that suit me.

Yes I understand what you mean. I also take Wockhardt as well, but I do like Actavis. I'm sure it will be ok, probably just a blip.


Well, any tablets can have a blip, might just be slightly stronger or weaker. I've found Actavis pretty good.

until recently, me too. Hopefully the next batch will be ok.


Mine have been fine since.


Sorry this is off old post

Domyoumknowmthe fillers in the activis please? I'm having a job finding out, I've had rash since teva and had cataargh with wardhart , it's all a bit of a mindfield and seems hard to get activis 25

How's you doing


Can you post the batch number on the box. I take acatvis and am very sensitive to any changes in formula.

Hello Crimple, I will post the batch no. when I get home from work this evening. I know the expiry date was 3/2018.


Hi Crimple, here's the batch no. as promised on the strip of Actavis that has caused me problems. It's BN TA1627. There's another one you might want to check as well with the same expiry date-3/2018 & that one is BN TA1632.


Loub37 thanks fo r this info. I have just checked and all my batches begin TC and are valid until 2019. I get mine from local boots, always activist 100mcg and 50mcg. A thought has occurred to me that yours have a much shorter shelf life (2018) so it seems I am getting new stock whilst you are getting old stock as the validity appears to be for 2 years on my tablets!Thanks for your help.

That's Ok Crimple, any time. Yes you're right, there is only about 3/4 months left before they expire, but as I thought there was plenty of mileage left in them, I didn't think there would be any problems, turns out I was wrong. Anyway I have reported them to the yellow card system & I intend to ring up the drug company & talk to them about it.


That’s the symptoms I had when I once had activis after being on mercurypharma, I got my prescription changed to 25mg tablets and got MercuryPharma again, never been given anything else since.

Hi Starfish 123, I can't get over how awful the side effects are with each of these different tablets. We really shouldn't have to go through this.


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