Finally beginning to feel better!

Well, after seeing one GP about 6 weeks ago who said my TSH level was "normal" then coming onto this site and finding out so much info I am finally feeling much better.

Basically, I went to my usual GP and persuaded her to test my T3 & T4 levels. They came back borderline HYPO. Due to my awful symptoms (worse being the fatigue, hot flushes, itching all over, and hairloss (even eyebrows) and a strong family history of underactive thyroid she said I could try Levo 25mcg for 3 months then go back and see her. Well, its been 3 weeks tomorrow and i've gradually felt better and better! the "fogginess" has lifted and i'm not so tired and the itching is much better as is the flushing. So, I know I was correct thinking it was my Thyroid now :-) I hope my improvement continues and I hope this gives some hope to anyone else thinking they could be Hypo. Thanks to this great site I may have my life back!! x

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  • This is great news. You are the third person today to tell us about an improvement. Do keep us posted on your progress.

    We love good news stories.

    Jane x

  • Really pleased for you, hopefully your doctor will realise from seeing the improvement in you that it is worth treating for symptoms even though the blood test results are borderline.

  • Thanks, yes, lets hope GP's start to realise! x

  • If you begin to feel symptoms are returning, make an appointment with your GP to consider an increase earlier than 3 months as 25mcg is a very small dose but realise she has prescribed this as she says you are borderline. Clinical symptoms should be more important than your TSH level. This is a link for information and read the answer to question dated November 28, 2003

  • Thanks, yes I will do :-)

  • hi joan, I'm so happy that I am not the only one that recognises the excellent advice/information and empathy that we can gain from the good knowledgeable people on this site ...... but for this site my lady would have been spending 1 week in 4 as an in-patient constantly ---- as was the case 18mths ago---- please always remember to support those that help you when you needed it ==== its called karma ===== keep up the good work girl LoL alan x

  • What a lovely thought, Alan, that's exactly how I felt - but for this site I could well not be here, with cholesterol 10.2, asthma, enlarged heart, you name it. I was unable to even stay out of bed for more than a couple of hours a day, until I discovered what had been done to me by my GP through slavishly following the TSH result.

    This forum was like a light in the darkness.

    It's good when we see people getting better and disappearing to go and live a life but, as you say, it's even better when people stay and give back something too. Thanks Alan.

    Marie XX

  • I think it is really important to let people know the good stuff as well as the problems etc.. years ago I suffered from Endometriosis and infertility and was luck to find some amazing sites/forums and online "Friends" to share and confide it all in and I always loved hearing the success stories x

  • hi marie , I feel that it is important to give something back and acknowledge where its deserved --- which is why I raised funds via ' the ali can collection ' recently .....I also have another project currently === please see the pinned post ' auction for thyroid uk ' .....hopefully we can raise some more funds to put something back to the good people of this site ......LoL alan xx

  • Hi joannec123 - Do you know what your actual results were?

  • Hi, yes I do. my TSH was 2.3 (0.35-4.5) my free T3 was 4.1 (4-8.3) and T4 was 11.1 (10-24) What are yours?? x (im still feeling better, although had pins and needles in my lips and tongue all day today... may be migraine) x

  • Thyroid stimulating hormone = 1.490 uIU/ml (0.270 - 4.200), Free T4 = 15.9 pmol/l (12 - 22), Free T3 = 4.5 pmol/L (3.1 - 6.8) and anitnodies test was negative, I went private for these tests, but the response with these results was within normal range... So a bit lost now as to what to do. Can feel that I'm in "run down" mode as having palps again, and spots in my ears and inside my nose again. :(

  • All those bloods are bang on in the middle of all the ranges.. bit tricky I guess... mmm

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