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Was feeling better on Levo but fatigue creeping back.... Need more ??

Been recently diagnosed with borderline HYPO and started on 25mcg Levo 5 weeks ago....This has really helped all my symptoms especially the fatigue and itching and flushing. However, the past few days I feel like the fatigue is creeping back and also the odd flush too. Eyes have been a tad gritty again... GP said to have a blood test after 10 weeks on it to check levels etc and then see her at 12 weeks. Could it be that I need a bit more Levo now? Anyone else experienced this?

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When you first start levo there is always a risk that your struggling thyroid will decide to have a well earned rest and the 25mcg's of levo you are taking is not enough to compensate. Ask for an earlier appt as ten weeks is to long for a follow up blood test when you are first diagnosed.

Moggie x


You have to go back to the GP before 10 weeks to get a new thyroid gland blood test. You probably need an increase your meds. The usual is a blood test every 6 weeks with increases till all your symptoms subside. 25mcg is a very low dose but as you were 'borderline' she probably erred in caution.

Always get copies of your blood tests for your own records and so that you can post on a question if you have queries, as it enables more people to comment on them.

If GP hasn't done these, ask for them too:-

Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate.


Hi there, I get similar symptoms to yourself and I'm on 125mcg!! :o I've been referred to an endo as my NHS GPs assume I have normal hypo and not Hashi's as indicated by antibodies in the blood. I agree with Moggie above, the thyroid decides not to work as hard. I go for blood tests every 3 months so I'm not in any position to say whether 3 months is too long for me to wait as I'm into my treatment 7 months.

Hope you get the answers you're looking for!

Jo xxx


Thanks, I think I will go back earlier. To be honest it was me that pushed it all after reading stuff on this site and had to basically tell my GP what blood tests to do etc as my TSH was bang in middle of the range, but then my T£ and T4 were really low, right as the bottom of ranges. So, she said I could try levo. clearly it is my problem so it will be interesting to see what my next set of bloods show up. Im not sure if she did all the other tests mentioned. She did lots will check x


It's worth pushing it all - some of the guys on here recommended I request an endo and I had no idea I had the right to see one. I had different lab results, my TSH was at 22 (0.27-4.2) and my FT4 was 10.9 (12-22) hence I was started on Levo.

I'm waiting on bloods too - iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, folates, coeliac profile, autoimmune profile, plasma viscosity and thyroid antibodies. When you get the results from the GP and post them on here someone will be around to jump in and comment on them. :) xxx


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