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Test result help

I have suffered from symptoms which I now believe are due to Hypothyroidism for near 8 years. I asked my GP to test my thyroid recently and was told that my results were normal, they were as follows... TSH 0.67 (0.3-4.2). FT4 12.8 (9.0-23.0)? After posting here and getting lots of feedback I pushed my GP for further testing and have just had a blood test for thyroid autoantibodies, Prolactin and Free T3. She also tested ESR, Ferritin (? Low iron), Iron studies (? Overload), B12, folate, coeliac screen. I know the range is important but roughly what should I be looking for in relation to T3? I'm really suffering and am hoping that my doctor will agree to give me a trial of meds to increase my T4 as people here have suggested that that is where my problem might lie. My symptoms are debilitating, I'd try anything. Not sure my GP will go for it though, she does mot think it's my thyroid as she says my results are normal. My symptoms are severe fatigue, hair loss, change in hair texture (dry brittle hair), dry skin patches, definite brain fog and depression which I believe is due to my situation, muscle pain, joint pain, occasional swelling (water retention).

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Hi, some of your symptoms sound similar to mine - all blood tests came back normal........ After getting advice from the good people here, i went and had an ultrasound of my thyroid which showed that i had a nodule in my right gland which i now know was the cause of my debilitating symptoms........why not ask your gp to request an ultrasound to see whether you have a nodule in situ?


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I'm seeing her this Wednesday and I'm going to ask. It's a joke that I have to do all my own research and suggest my own tests! What are GP's for, ffs! Sorry but it's just so damn annoying. I've been ill for so many years, these test should have been done donkies ago, if only to out rule certain conditions.


Hi Frankie

Your post sounds like me I am at 0.59 THS and 13.00 FT4. (FT3 -4.2)

An ultra sound test came back as no problems found.

I had my Levo increased up to 100mg , which I did not do well on so back on 75mg. Still having the symptons you are describing, it is dreadfull I know.

I do not think that T4 medication alone is the right answer for me , I had bad anxiety and palpations yesterday for no apparent reason, today they have eased.

Have you had your adrenal function tested , I am going to request this.

I have an appointment for an Endo but not till the end of Dec 31st !

Hope you get some answers from the tests:)

Regards x

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With regards to adrenals, not that I know of but I will be discussing this with my GP on Wednesday. I'm going to push for an Endo referral which I think I'll get because I had a parotid tumour removed in 2000 and I think the site has changed. It was not a cancerous growth but the area feels a little odd, it may well be scar tissue but best to check. Ha! I remember after I had the surgery my GP questioned wether it was actually a tumour in the parotid gland as she claimed it was in the wrong place!


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