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So my Endo appointment has arrived 30.12.13.

I have collated some evidence for use of T3. Are there any specific questions that I should ask

I don't want to allienate the man before i start by producing my portflio of evidence! any input from my fellow colleagues would be gratefully received.

I have remained on 150 mcg curtesy of my temporary GP but I have now been off my fluoxetine for 4 months. My moods are erratic mostly low. Not even managed to get my mojo to go to the gym, not had any effect over the past 2 years,6x a week so why bother. Fed up with EX GP attitude of pumping me with anti D hence EX, fed up with endo who stated I musn't be on 150 mcg as a weight loss aid, she's never met me and I am hardly a light weight. Fed up with the gym and having peers wondering why I haven't been.

Thanx in advance

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Why did you stop thyroxine? 4 months is a long time to go unmedicated.

Do you have recent blood results?

Did you go against gp and previous endo advice? That could cause an issue with the new one.


sorry at least you made me read my post, meant I have stopped Fluoxetine.. Still on 150mcg thyroxinne


my suggestion is....source your own t3 and start slow and build up until you feel better. then go to your endo tell them what you did and you feel great can they now start prescribing it for you. a bit draconian but I did it this way and when I told my endo he said ok I'll start prescribing for you. there I got my result in the end. although my tsh said I was over medicated I felt fine and was monitoring my heart rate daily. so my endo went with how I felt. Even if he didn't I would still have continued.small price to pay to feel better.Hope this helps.


My NHS Endo added some T3 to a reduced T4 and it made a big difference. Have you had a copy of Dr Toft's article in Pulse Online as in it he says that some need an addition of T3, etc. If not email and I think that should be enough to persuade him prescribe. Keeping in mind the British Thyroid Association do not agree (false statement) that the addition makes no difference.


It might be worth sending a letter previous to your appointment with copies of your research and a letter saying you want to discuss t3 as an option. It might be better than asking him out right to consider it. I did just that when i wanted an increase in thyroxine and she agreed, so it might be worth a try.

Good luck.


Thank you all for your suggestions, I do appreitiate it very much.


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