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Hi everyone ,can anyone tell me if NHS t3 is always from Mercury Pharma.I have been taking t3 only for a year and a half ,was improving ,but suddenly feel much worse .On 45 mcg t3 for 6 days now and feel terrible ,was on 40 mcg felt terrible,I am so fed up with this and feel I am on the edge.I just do not know why things have got worse ,incredable fatigue,hot finger tips ,no stamina feel oddly surreal,fed up feeling.Pulse ,temp all normal no palps

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  • Hi Susiebow, do you have Hashimoto's? Could you be having a flare up? The way you describe feeling is very similar to how I feel when my thyroid flares up. I don't always have a racing pulse or feel hot, but I do always feel very on edge, emotional, unable to concentrate, foggy thinking, anxious, down, worried, lethargic, achy etc.. It's a horrible feeling and I hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Butterfly ,how long does it last ?

    Thanks for your input.

  • A bad flare up can still last up to a week before easing off but generally now if my thyroid goes into overdrive or panic mode it last around 2-3 days.

    I have been Gluten free for 10 months which I think may have helped the intensity of the flare ups.

    I've just introduced some t3 to hopefully balance everything out.

    Can you ask your GP/consultant to have a blood test to see if there is something going on?

  • Hi Butterfly, Endo has now discharged me on t3 only, will see me if needed ,she does not think my symptoms are thyroid related as all bloods within range.GP will be happy to do bloods ,last bloods TSH 1.11 but lab did not do t3.My Hashimotos has got worse had it for 16 years and so bad suddenly 3 years ago.All I think due to change from TEvA make thyroxine which was only make I could tolerate,but they withdrew due to potency issues.

    Now seeing a NHS Homeopath,he says its due to all 16 years of dose changes and I need to be rebooted and stabilised.

  • Yes I believe this is the only brand available to the nhs. And the most expensive !

  • Try Blue Horizons!

  • Hi I am on Mercury pharma T3 & on this last batch am starting to get the old feelings back again,jittery inside,fatigued etc...I wonder if it's a funny batch X

  • Hi, I was on Mercury Pharma (NHS) lio for twelve years with no problems what so ever. Then in October 2014 I started having problems with certain batches. By December last year things had got really bad so I asked to change to an alternative manufacturer. I was told this had to be authorized by a consultant. I finally saw a registrar in late February. She talked to her consultant and authorized me changing to another manufacturer. I was told that a gluten free tablet was available at the same price as pharma on the NHS and could routinely be prescribed. Unfortunately, neither my gp or Tesco pharmacy could track this down. After lots of problems, ( and arguments!) I have finally got a prescription for "Perigo only". This is American and vegetarian - which I really wanted. I obtained my first full lot of perigo a couple of weeks ago. It takes 8 to 10 weeks to obtain the 25mcg direct from the USA , so I am having to cut 50mcg tablets in half, which I find far from ideal as they are so similar in appearance to the 5mcg tablets that I also require. They are also very old - they go out of their date just before I finish taking them which is also far from ideal.

    It will be another 11 or 12 weeks before I finally get the tablets that I asked for and am now prescribed in the correct dose as I have to finish the ones I've been given first.

    To answer your question - yes there are alternatives out there but we really have to fight to get it. Your GP will not be able to prescribe an alternative unless you are lucky enough to live in one of the very few areas of the country that have not added alternatives to their red list to save money. Once you get a prescription allow about three months to get perigo. French and Austrian alternatives are available quicker if you don't need vegetarian.

    Good luck!

  • I have been on Mercury Pharma T3 for years, then last December I started going into hyper active thyroid and now I can't tolerate it at all and going onto NDT. I have tried two other brands, side effects slightly different but still having side effects. I am wondering as well what is going on here. I have read recently that the NHS is obtaining cheaper versions of generic medicines via China and India, same in the US. The US took one company to court because they were altering data to say that it met their standards when it didn't. I think they were just fined though not stopped. I start NDT ERFA tomorrow out of desperation. I am hoping it works. It's a nightmare to get hold of as you need a prescription and the NHS won't license it, so I ended up going to a private doctor to get it. I have come across a worldwide pharmacy in Canada since who will supply 500 ERFA a lot cheaper with no prescription, I am currently looking into this to try and find out if they are registered and OK to use. I am sure this is a scam and thinking about starting a campaign here I am so angry about it. We are not the only ones effected by this, there must be thousands of us.

  • Please .let me know how you get on. Good luck.

  • I will, I am starting tomorrow but decided as I am getting side effects because I had to go back on to Levothyroxin again for a few days until the ERFA arrived it would be best to wait a coupld of days for that to go before starting on NDT. I will keep this site updated as to how I get on.

  • Has anyone used the <named pharmacy> in Canada? I am thinking of using them in the future as if you order NDT from them you don't need a prescription from the UK, I am trying to find out as much as I can about them first.

    [ Edited by admin to remove pharmacy name as that is against guideline 23. ]

  • The named pharmacy is NOT in Canada.

  • Where about is it, sounds dubious then

  • On an island in the Pacific ocean.

  • I think it is an Australian company registered off shore probably for tax reasons. A bit like the (reputable) Greek company has it's bank account in Cyprus. - And why many US and UK companies register their businesses in the Cayman Islands.

    But I could be wrong. It's just that I Google Earthed that Pacific Island once (in Vanuta (sp)?) and became curious since there seemed to be nothing but grass huts and banana trees there, no offices nor roads and houses

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